30 December 2009


So, I have a short moment to breathe....rainy rainy day.... and SOOOO much going on. So much work to do before the year ends....and it's not what I would call "exciting work". 

I wish I could plan something fun to do for New Years Eve.....I'm so out of ideas though. 

This has to be the most boring entry EVER.

oh---funny story: So it's raining...like RAINING today. Of course, I'm in and out of the car all day.  So, I'm like: no big deal, I have two umbrellas.  Lets remember that one could fit AT LEAST 6 people...the other is more appropriate.  However, that one, as I discovered early this morning, only has like 3 of the 10 hooky-prong-thingys attached.  It's hysterical!!!!

22 December 2009


Oh my gosh, I love Christmas!!! I just love this time of year.  Besides the fact that it means I need to workout extra hard during the day...it's pretty much relaxing.   AHHH, I just love it.

Last night Griffin took the three "Mula Girls" to New Orleans.  We went to take part in "Miracle of Fulton Street"....I have to pause for a moment and confess that even though I have basically grown up here, I have  never ever ever been to Fulton Street for Christmas!!!! I kinda feel like I was jipped as a kid.  (is that how you spell "jipped"???)  Even though, at 22 I really enjoyed myself (for the brevity that Fulton Street is), it would have been so magical as a child.  I mean...Santa is there...his candy shop...his mailbox...his winterwonderland (for what it's worth in La)...its like the North Pole came to Louisiana for a night. haha.

Anyway, we went to that...then walked down to Cafe DuMonde for beignets and coffe :) YUUUMMM. Oh, I failed to mention that we stopped in a few shops on our way :) THAT was fun!!!!

Camille made me try on this sassy little red number....and when I say "sassy" I totally mean "sassy".  Lets remember that I was already wearing black boots under my jeans...so with the red dress and the black leather boots...yeah...I looked like I belonged in the French Quarter.  It was hysterical.  Needless to say, I DID NOT get the dress. haha.

The evening was capped with "As Long as You're Mine" being blarred and sung by yours truly and Griffatron (as Ceci "Cecalonica and the Church Thereof" calls him). 

Oh...I can't forget the intense wrestling ft. Greg and Griffin.  It is always so funny to watch them wrestle....hahaha...

Needless to say: Christmas is FRIDAY!

16 December 2009


Sooooo....today has started out with me laughing....and I guarantee it will end with me laughing.  Yeah, okay...It's boyfriend's bday today.  That is great for me, because I just love birthdays....however, he doesn't really like bdays, so I have been instructed to kinda "tone it down a little".  Okay, no big.  I can do that.  Well, I wake up extra early to get all of my things done: shower, gym...you know...the usual.  No problemo.  I get all dressed up because...I just LOVE birthdays.  (even if they aren't  mine). 

So I get into the car and head over to boyfriend's house...I was trying to time it all correctly because he isn't supposed to be there when I show up.  I decide to finish putting my make up on..so I'm nonchalantly applying lip gloss just crossing the Madisonville bridge (the one that opens up for boats).  Yeah, you know where this is going. As I'm halfway on the bridge, I realize that no one is following me...and no one is coming across...its just me...on the bridge...running the red light...the bridge is trying to open.  NOT EVEN KIDDING.  My mouth drops.  I'm like totally sure that I will be getting a fat ticket for that one.  Well, can't do anything about that.  I continue the bf's house.  As I almost get there...reality hits.  There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can physically carry his present out of my car by myself.  Like legit no possible way.  Plus, I'm already dressed up in my work clothes.  Good thinking, Madeleine.

Yep, I end up just doing a leisure lap around Mandeville and Madisonville...that was the morning....

So, now, I have to find out a way to be sneaky...this shall also be rather interesting.

I really do love birthdays.  Really do.

14 December 2009


Someone once told me that there would be moments in this season of my life where I would really miss my life in Birmingham.  Things, free-time, college life in general, and most importantly the people...my friends.  And, I definitely had moments at the beginning...moments where I just really missed "my life".  Then it got better as I engrossed myself in this new season.  All the while, I was secretly suppressing all of the emotions I was truly feeling.  And now, I fully understand what that person was trying to tell me...

I miss the genuine friendships that were cultivated over 4,3,2,1 year time... the people that know the real me...my girls. 

I miss just going someplace completely random...even though I was so worn out at times, there was always someone pulling me out of the apt and getting everyone together for a night of randomness. 

I never felt like my life was wasting away.  There was always something that we did.

I miss that.  I miss doing.  I miss them.

I don't want to cry about it...it's not that I'm sad.  I truly love where I'm at.  However, I just miss my girl friends.  It's funny because I feel like I haven't been able to really be myself sometimes because 1. it's not appropriate 2. no one will really get it 3. people are sometimes really boring.

I like to have fun.  Whatever that may mean...I like to do stuff.  Sure, there is also a time for "chilling".  And, I am tired a lot bc of the full work day...but that isn't an excuse for not doing something. 

Someone also once told me that it's just a part of "growing up"...becoming a woman.  Different seasons...getting ready for LIFE. whew...that's scary.

Well, I'll take it. :)

bible study

I really want to get plugged into a bible study.  Like really bad.  I miss it.  I've been trying to challenge myself with doing another bible study on my own, but there is something about learning with other people that may/may not be on the same page as you.  You learn a grow...there's a development that takes place...a supernatural growth that is so empowering and altogether encouraging. 

I just need to search out the right fit.

deep thougths...haha


The correct answer to the question that everyone is wondering is "NO".  I did not get up at 6am this morning to go to the gym.  I'm just not even going to try and justify it.  It was rainy...I was tired...the only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the fact that I HAD to go to work today.

Tomorrow is a new day though.  Yeah...geez, I'm gonna really really try hard to go tomorrow.

I'm really happy that I only have about 3 more hours here at work.  It's sad that I look forward to leaving the office.  It's just terrible weather, and I have somethings that I need to get done in preparation for the events of the week. I probably could have done some of the stuff this weekend...but it was too rainy to even think about getting stuff together...

Question:  Have you ever had a great idea in your head to do for someone, but you stop and think about it and realize that it might just be great to you?

Well...I've recently been hit with alarming case of that.  I have a really great idea.  In fact, I've been thinking about it for quite sometime...but I just realized that it might not really be all that great.  I'm trying to think of the other person's wishes, thus I'm confused.  How lovely.

Birthdays are extremely stressful, at times.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm being dramatic. (so I've been told)

11 December 2009

a new day...yet the end of the work week

I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that it is FRIDAY! This week has really been mass-chaos.  Seriously.  To the point where I haven't really been able to blog about what I want...much less blog at all. haha.  But today started a new day for me.  I am now committing to waking up at 6am every morning (minus weekends...so I guess that's not every morning, haha) to go to the gym.  My work days are getting increasingly longer with all the changes that are being made.  And the gym is my release.  My one thing where I AM selfish...my quiet time. So, I tried it out this morning:

The alarm went off at 6:00am.  I looked at the clock, flung the sheets off and rolled over.  Then, after realizing how cold it was, I laid back down, pulled the sheets back over and closed my eyes.  I told myself: "Self, let's get up at 6:15 since it's so cold....no, let's make it 6:30."  At about 6:24am I realized that it was very pointless for me to drive all the way to the gym when I wouldn't be able to do everything I wanted....so...I forced myself up, put on all sorts of warm clothing, and headed down the stairs.  Once I was in the basement working out I knew this was a good decision.  (I even put a hat on because I couldnt even bear to look at the reflection in the full-length workout mirrors of the sleep-deprived Madeleine).  I literally started laughing out loud once I started getting really serious about the morning workout.  I just stopped at one point and thought: "Is this really my life? Am I really up at 6:40 working out BEFORE work???"

Hopefully the obession won't be too overwhelming.  HAHA.  Here we go, Driven Madeleine is back in the saddle. 

Oh, Lord help us all.

09 December 2009

iron (Fe)

so.... i'm pretty sure i need to start taking vitamins.  I used to be so very good about taking them, then I sort-of-kinda-accidently took them without eating before hand...yaaahhh---GAME OVER. I swore them off bc I was so deathly nauseated.

Well, it's time that I start taking them again because I am just way too tired everyday. 

Kind of like today.  WORN SLAP OUT!

The only part of my day I look forward to is working out because I actually feel energized.


not really sure why I titled this "iron (Fe)"

07 December 2009

again, a blog about nothing

Soooo...I'm stuck here at work with nothing to do until 5pm.  Yeah.  No big deal.

I'm so very bored right now, I just can't even think straight.  I have already looked up so much crap on-line, and I've even tried to organize  my planner for the 2010 year that is quickly approaching us.  I would make an attempt to go to all the labs just to get out of the office, however: when I get into my car, I almost fall asleep.  (Yes, thank you migraine).

I'm trying to think of something interesting to talk about...but nothing is really coming to mind.  I'm pretty much brain dead.

I could talk about where I am in life, but I just don't really feel like it.  So, I'm not going to.  Basically, this is a blog about nothing...that's it.  Nothing.

I think I'm going to make a list of things I want to do soon....I've been talking about these things for awhile, so I might as well write/type them out.

Maybe some of these things are ambitions...some of them are dreams...I guess its a list of just stuff I want to do.

Here I go:
1.  Snow skiing (I miss it)
2.  Disney World (I feel like everyone is going these days...and it's been awhile.)
3.  Europe (I really miss everything about being overseas and in Europe.  I was created for that culture.  I've never been more inspired or felt so comfortable in a place other than my home.)
4.  The Beach--miss being on the water...just walking the shore...ahhh I just love taking it all in and being inspired in that "beach-y sort of way"
5.  Birmingham-- I miss my friends there.  Sometimes I feel like we've lost touch :(
6.  New York-- I'm ready to go back and take on the Big Apple once again...shopping would be fun too :)
7.  Maine--yeah...never been...would like to soon, though
8. North/South Carolina--I have a feeling I would really like Charleston...and I've been to parts of NC and loved it.  I guess I could see myself living there one day...maybe.  Who knows.
9.  Tahiti/Polynesian Islands--I did a report of the Poly Islands and just fell in love with it. I'd love to go one day :)
10.  Australia---yeah.

Basically, I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!! I seriously could make a hobby of it.  I've been so blessed to be able to since I was young and haven't stopped yet.  I don't exactly like road trips...unless they are with a bunch of crazy - fun friends...then I don't mind them. Otherwise, plane ticket for me!

Oooohhhh.... I really want to go on a cruise soon.  Well, we're going in the summer....so I guess that counts :) I love being on the water and in a boat. Just love it.

Anywaaaayyyy---this was boring, I'm sure of it.

i like to talk

All of a sudden, I have really been "not-so-at-ease" with where I am "professionally" in life.  I really really want to go back to school.  For what, I'm not exactly sure.  I think I know...but not really.  This is a big step for me...and I'm kinda nervous.  I know what I'm good at and what I really feel I'd be enjoy doing for the rest of my life, but that would mean me having to "settle into that".  I'm not really set on where I'm supposed to be living (in the future).  I'm truly enjoying living at home right now...I mean, I may never get this quality time with my parents and siblings again...and that's sad, scary, ahhhhhhh!!!! So, as people have encouraged me to do, I am really enjoying this season...the right now...of my life. 

However, I'm uneasy.  I'm a dreamer--a visionary--a promoter--a doer.  I don't like to "just stop".  I'm talking about my job.

I'm ready to move onward.  Whether it means going back to school...starting a company...studying for entrance tests...I'm not sure...but I'm ready to put my mind to something and move forward to accomplish it.  I think what is also stirring this up: it's finals time for colleges and universities.  I miss studying.  I know...I'm a nerd. Deal with it.  But I like learning.  I like challenging myself.  I miss engrossing myself in a topic and having intelligent conversations...that usually lead to complete laughter on an issue that is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. But I like that.

I think one of my absolute favorite things to do with Griffin is talk.  I just love conversing with someone about life. Whatever it is.  I just really really enjoy it.  And the best part about it: its not always serious.  I LOVE THAT!!!!! There's a time and place for it, and I welcome it when it comes...but I also love the "not-so-serious" part too.

02 December 2009


I can't believe that it is already December 2009.  The older I get, the quicker time flies by.  Maybe it's because I value time more...or maybe it's the season I'm in.  Now that I've actually come to a place where I am content with the status of my life...I feel like it is flying by.  So weird.  When I'm anxious and want to get to the "next step" (whatever that may mean)... I find it so hard to see a minute tick away...then, in the blink of an eye, it's December 2009. 


Well, it's cold now...finally.  And I'm able to wear appropriate clothing for this famous wintery month.  I just love it.  However, I did receive the first signs of "holiday cheer" today while I was stuck in traffic (with my dad bc I don't have a car right now...we'll get to that later).  3 simultaneous honks....like HOOOOOOOONNNNKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!! It was completely ridiculous.  All because these precious 4 elderly women were just a bit confused at the intersection.  I felt so bad for them...they were just confused.  But, it did make me feel so good when a lady got out of her car at the light in order to help them with directions.  It was precious. :) love the holidays.

Okay:  So I don't have a car right now.  Well, the AC has been out for a couple of months now...actually like 3.  And my transmission is just....off...then my car literally sits.  Yes, it sits.  As in the back of my car is all the way down to my tires if I am not driving it for a couple of hours.  Yes, it stands back up...but not until I drive it for about 5-7 minutes.  It's hysterical...but very frustrating.  Oh yea, and my "service" light has been on for awhile too...and I need an oil change.  I do believe that it is time that Ellie-May be laid to rest.  I just have such an attachment to her....she was my first vehicle. :( Anyway....so I'm out of a car until she is fixed.  My dad thinks that she will be finished tonight...good luck.

01 December 2009

cold :) yes!!!!

So, it's cold outside :)

I absolutely love the cold weather.  I was actually able to break out the peacoat (my white one too) :D.  It makes me so happy to be able to wear boots, a turtleneck, vest, peacoat, gloves...AHHH I love it.  You know what else I love....going into Starbucks where they already know what I'm going to order and how to spell my name correctly.  (sigh) I just love the holidays.  Seriously.  I just think it's so wonderful, these next few weeks, where yes, things are crazy, but they are also just so merry.  I know that some people think that the "holiday season" is way too stressful, but me...I like it.  All the hustle and bustle...constant sound of Christmas music...the overall genuine giving spirit that eludes most people.  I just love it.  Oh yeah...and the "cold weather".  I really think that I function better when it's cold outside. First off, I'm not worried about looking like a sweating pig.  Second, I feel so much more put together.  I can actually look presentable with my hair just thrown up...bc its not frizzola-esc.

Anyway.  So I guess those are my deep thoughts on the current weather.

25 November 2009

the day before Thanksgiving

So, today is a lot of things:
1. Wednesday
2. My last day of work before the t-day holiday
3. The day before Thanksgiving
4. One month until Christmas
5. Camille is in town :)

I could go on...but I need to go back to work....bc I am getting off half of a day!!!! :)


24 November 2009


So I was just so instantly reminded of something very special that happened between me and the Lord last night.  I was completely and utterly awakened spiritually.  I was laying in my bed last night just thinking about something that I read right before I crawled beneath the warmth of my covers (a place of complete and utter "do not mess with me, I'm sleeping").  Well, I didn't even make it past the title of the devotion.  It was something along the lines of: "Being near to Him in speech, but far from the Heart".  I stopped thinking about my day, my family, friends, others, etc...and just layed there above the covers...completely unable to get into them because I was just thinking.  I felt the Lord really tugging at my soul...I was so...convicted, I guess.  That's really the only word that I can use to describe the feeling.  And honestly, it was such a special moment that I had with the Lord.  Because in the shortness of an instant, all the things that have instilled fear inside of me completely vanished.  It was like the Lord was beconing me to rise up and be "near to His heart" so that I could be the woman of God that He initially created me to be.  It was a really great moment. 

I have been too afraid to really "Get close to His heart" because I know what it means....it means me stepping out of my comfort zone into a place of total reliance on the Lord.  That's scary.  Entering into the destiny that the Lord has placed inside of you is a really frightening thought.  Just because it's a place that I've always dreamed of...

God has been constantly reminding me in the stillness of His presence that first and foremost its NOT about me.  Quite frankly, it's not even about talent.  It's all about the heart.  And if I am too scared to get into His heart fiercely, then I don't deserve it.  I'm ready for the challenge.  I'm ready to be funnelled into it. Let's go.

the week i should be off....

Only two more days until Thanksgiving (my favorite Holiday--btw)....I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am so excited about how I am going to spend the holidays this year...in the car, traveling, cooking, laughing, probably doing something really stupid and clumsy...but hey, it wouldn't be the holidays if it was normal. 

HOWEVER---I seriously do not understand why on earth I have to work until "the day before Thanksgiving". I mean, who wants a sleep study this week anyway!?!?!?!? Okay, I just answered my own question: People probably assume that since it is the holidays, its "prime-time" for any doctors visits, i.e. sleep studies, that they need to catch up on.  Well, that's just a bummer.  Granted, I'm making money...but I'd rather be sleeping/going to lunch with my siblings and everyone else who is off of work.  Just lovely.

I am complaining so much right now.  I sound like a miserable individual.  HAHA. Well, point number 1: I'm not miserable (at least I don't think I am). Point number 2: I don't really have a point #2.

Moving on.

It's currently like 10:26am right now....and I am trying to stretch out all of the things that I "have to do" in a day.  I wish so bad I didn't have to work the rest of the week.  I REALLY want to take tomorrow off....its just NOT going to happen. I can pretty much guarantee that one.  I mean, I think I might have a low-grade fever...and a cough...and my eye was twitching awhile ago...this is serious. 

AHHHH....this is when my conscious is just not my best friend at all.

19 November 2009

do I have common sense???? probably not

I really wish there would have been a camera on me this morning when I was coming down the front stairs to my house....carrying a suitcase, hanging clothes, two travel bags, my purse, and my hot coffee. Did I mention that I was wearing (hold on let me measure) 4 inch heels!?!?!? Yes, I looked all kinds of foolish!!!! Seriously.  It was hysterical.  I tried to take each step at a time----for those of you who are wondering: Why didn't you just take trips??? Well, the answer is simple.  You obviously don't know me.  I am a "one trip" girl.  Get it all in the first round! I just don't see the point on taking multiple trips when I am physically able to get it all at once.  So there.

Well, these shoes are REALLY hard to walk in.  I've already almost broken my ankle several times. 

I'm serious...my life is funny.  I have to say, I enjoy it. HAHA!

18 November 2009

alone at the office....again

Okay....Let's talk about this: Have you ever like been sooooo shocked before that you just couldn't move.  Well, true life...that JUST happened to me recently.  I have never really experienced "the not breathing for about 0.5sec" deal before.  It's really hard to "surprise me"...so I was like beyond surprised and shocked. Like legit, I stopped breathing.  For what....none of your business.  Just thought I'd share that blip of info.

Anyway, as of now.... I am spending my THIRD day in the office by myself.  No big.  It's kinda nice and quiet...however...it gets REALLY BORING when you have absolutely nothing to do. 

I have created work for myself.  Let me explain.  I was finished with all of my work for the day, lets say around...hmmm....10:30am.  So, I tried to find some type of work to do...i.e. cleaning all of the door handles, desks, keyboards, computer screens, phones...you know, swine flu. So, I'm trying to find work for me to do.  Meanwhile, everyone is out of the office....I dressed up today because I was supposed to do some "traveling" but since I am the only person who is not sick....I'm stuck here.

But at least I have my red shoes on!

11 November 2009


Today has been such a whirlwind.  Actually, I'm not really sure if that is the appropriate word for today...but I'll just go with it.  I've been "thinking" a lot...yes, very dangerous might I say.  But its been good.  I've had a lot of quality car time...you know, the typical treks to and from Slidell, Hammond, New Orleans...its been really good for me.

However, I have actually had a lot of paperwork to do...and well, thats just not my fav part of my job...so I've been kinda busy.  But not really, because I can get all this stuff done in like "point 2-5". 

I refuse to wear glasses.

Let me explain:  So, when I put glasses on...my eyes have to adjust to the magnification.  Okay, that's great...so they adjust and when I look at the computer screen, I don't have a headache.  HOWEVER...when I take the glasses off....I cant see a dang thing because my eyes have "adjusted to the magnification" so they're all screwed up and stuff. Like its terrible!!!  So, I've opted not to wear them.  But...then there is also the case that...they are readers...I should probably schedule another appt with the doc...yeah...good idea.  I think I'll act on that one.

okay...time for me to go.

09 November 2009


Soooo...apparently, there is a hurricane that is coming...its hysterical because I have totally forgotten how LA freaks out with any sudden change in the weather.  Almost all of the schools have shut down for the day, and, of course...my office is still just working away.  Typical.

However, since the weather is so "terrible", it has been super quiet...that means that I don't have anything to do.

Yes. I am just sitting here at the computer reading up on runner's world (because that seems logical?).

Oh, did I mention that Facebook has been disabled from the work computers...yes, all social networks.  Apparently they were creating some sort of cookie on the server. 

So I'm totally out of luck with everything. 

Bored to tears.

30 October 2009


BTW: I just ripped my shirt that I changed into....yeah...great day so far.

my day already

I can already feel that today is going to be such an interesting day...Already it has errupted into chaos!!! So, I had to wake up extra early this morning to take my younger two siblings to school. No problem what-so-ever. Except for the fact that I forgot to take into account that I won't be going back home until Sunday(going out of town). Anyway...So as I stare mindlessly at my suitcase, while still in my pajamas, it hits me: I have not the slightest clue what I packed. It takes about 3 good minutes for it to register in my brain that I can either make myself late for work (and my siblings late for school), or I can just forget about the packing crisis and start getting dressed. I start getting dress, lug my suitcase (just for a couple of days) down the stairs..in stilettos. I rush over to the kitchen to grab something to eat, saddened by the fact that I can't make coffee because I don't have enough time...oh, did I mention that my mother woke me up via telephone call :) haha. So, the three of us pile into my car (after I reorganize the mess that has accumulated so that we can actually fit into the seats) and we head to school. I stop to get them breakfast, but honestly don't really remember getting there or ordering. I break out my banana...then I drop my banana on my skirt. Im thinking its a basic solid-esc food...it won't stain...right. If anyone has ever told you that bananas dont stain your clothing...THEY LIE!
So now, I have banana stained clothes, I'm so tired I can't see straight, I don't have food because...it's on my skirt...and I just realized that I didn't shave my legs. Golden move, Madeleine, just golden. So I head over to Slidell to start two early-bird set ups...And guess what: they aren't here. (that's kind of why I'm blogging).
So, as I've written this I've been thinking. I'm going to go home after this and change. Who wants to be greeted by a banana smelling individual!?!?!?

--Oh, did I mention that as I was getting out of the car to walk to the lab, my slit in the back of my skirt was all the way up. Yeah, just take it for what it is. I'm putting on a mu-mu. Not even kidding.

gonna be a long day.

23 October 2009

tidbits of the day

so I'm over the whole "haircut" fiasco.  It grows back...praise the Lord. 

ITS FRIDAY!!! I am sooo happy! I seriously cannot even begin to express how excited I am that the weekend is finally here! My sister came in town last night, my boyfriend is back from his vaca...and its the weekend...life is SOOOO good!

It's hysterical that just Monday of this week, I was looking so forward to the weekend...and now its here. Finally.

I wish I could go to the LSU/AU game this weekend, but my dad, mom, cami, and greg are going....so I'm kinda out.  HAHAHA. It's okay.  Hopefully it will be an easy win. But with the way LSU has been playing...there is no telling.

Something that I have been learning:  In the midst of times where I am confused I just literally have to LET GO and LET GOD.  Its happened in so many different areas of my life...why would now be any different.  I'm so thankful for the people that God has placed in my life who help me to see that.  Sometimes I just need a friendly reminder that: I DONT know it all :) Any you know, I'm okay with that.  Its crazy to say this, but I am so glad that I actually enjoy being told stuff...like, I don't have all of the answers and I don't need to.  It's really a great feeling!!!

So--random---but I have been saving my money.  I want to go shopping sooooo bad!!!!!! But I am refraining...except for the fact that my sis is in town and I really want to bless her :) but she doesn't know that :) which makes it more exciting for me.  I dunno...I just love to spend my money on other people. Sure I LOVE to buy for myself---I just don't. HA. I'd rather do it for someone else to see their reaction (pending they like my choice for them).  I pray all the time that God blesses me to bless others.

this was such a random blog.

22 October 2009


Got a haircut today...Let's just say it's a little shorter than I wanted.  I told myself that I was NOT going to lose it and was NOT going to make it a big deal. 

However, I just left my reflection....and I'm sad.  I liked my hair....ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 October 2009

What to NOT eat at an Airport...

Yes, this is what I do at work...in between the CRAZINESS and the BOREDOM!

I was trying to be "informed" and keep myself updated on all the current events and stuff while at work...when I stumbled upon an interesting article called:

"Your Airport Food Survival Guide"

Since I spend a lot of my time in an airport...or have at least recently...I thought it'd be very educational.  I mean, now a days everyone is concerned about their "weight" and what-not and so-forth...soooo, I read it.  Yeah...not sure if I'm glad I read it...haha.  I feel like now I'll be more "nazi-like" about what I choose to snack on whenever I'm in the airport.  Great.  Something else I CANT eat. Perfect.

Here is the link:


16 October 2009

hard to explain

I don't really know what to say...sometimes its rather difficult to be completely honest with certain people that I have a lot of love and respect for.  I try.  Actually, I was completely honest because I didn't really see the point in lying about something that I have no problem with.  However, it doesn't matter.  Whether I'm honest or not...I just can't win with them.  I've learned over the years to accept it....but then that mentality just led me to a place where my relationship with them was just practically non-existent.  So, I decided I'd try the complete honest truth with them...and it's still driving me away.  I just don't know what to do/say.  Stubborn, traditional thinkers are just that...stubborn and traditional.  You can't get a word in edge-wise...you are never right...and don't even bother explaining yourself.  It's just really disheartening to me. 

My heart literally is sad.  I hate lying.  First off, I'm terrible at it, and I really just don't even bother with it.  So, to not lie...I tell the truth (simple concept).  But when I try and reveal my heart and express myself to them, it just...I get treated like I'm three...okay, that's an exaggeration.  I get treated like I'm eleven.

So, what do I do? I am sitting here with a lump in my throat, because I just don't know what else is expected of me....I care about the situation.  Really really care about it, so much that I have no problem with what seems to be the "issue".  It's about trust, I guess.  I do.  With all my heart I do. With-All-My-Heart.

Now I've got a headache.  It's hard living at home.  Hard to separate the ages, I guess.


14 October 2009

a friend

There's a "friend of mine" (who shall remain nameless) who has this certain passion. An intense zeal for a gift and talent that, in the depths of her heart and soul, she longs to express out. She has shared with me that there have been serious times of "drought" where she hasn't been able to really do anything but sit on it. However, she has also experienced brief moments of immense sunlight. Times where she has been able to catch a glimpse...experience a glimpse...of what it is she feels she was created to do. But once again, she feels like she's "sitting on it". She doesn't want to waste away the gifts that she's been given, however, she also doesn't want to try and make it happen. I've shared with her the importance of "God's timing". But she knows that, yet still feels...helpless. Her biggest struggle and greatest insecurity is not being confident in her talent. She's told me (I've even seen it) about the amount of true talent around her. Undeniable talent, actually. I can see how she would feel so "small" in comparison. You know the "never being good enough" mentality. And its also hard when everyone compares everyone's talent. But everyone is different...different sounds, different strokes, different moves, different hearts. She's expressed to me how she feels that there is this "powerhouse" within her...deep within...that she can't seem to harness to let out. It once again, makes her take a look at reality...the fact that maybe she isn't that "powerhouse" she feels so deep inside of her. Maybe it's too late. But I just don't agree. I think that it's NEVER too late when it's God. Yeah, it may be a little "later than expected"...but that doesn't mean its over.
I just don't really know how to encourage her.

really random thoughts

So I'm clumsy...what's new? I have successfully landed on my butt TWICE...in the same spot on the floor of my living room. You think that when I got up from falling the first time, I would have learned NOT to step there again. Right. So, I did the exact same thing---yeah. I've just accepted it.

My head hurts. My eyes I can't seem to keep open. Literally. I really don't know what's wrong. I think "maybe, I'm tired"...but I've been getting sleep (I think). It might be the fact that I literally have NOT stopped!!! I just go go go, because I feel like I'm energized. But when I stop...I stop.

22 years old. weird.


I want to sing. Real bad, but... yeah.

okay. Enough random-ness.

06 October 2009


Basically I have decided to go to grad school.

I'm really really excited about this because I feel so confident in it and ready to move forward. I can't stand the idea of complacency...I mean, stagnant water or the romantic movement of the current on the Hawaiian shores... why Hawaii? I have no clue. Just the first thing that came to me.

Anyway---It's pretty interesting the whole method that God chose to use to get me to this place. I'm really excited. Things are happening, changing, moving forward...and I'm totally okay with it...in fact, I'm SOOOO PUMPED!!!

Now, however, I am weighing my options. (gosh, I love that I have options :P) For the first time in a really long time I feel so very happy. I feel like I am where I need to be and yeah, at times its not the most secure feeling...I know it's right.

I think I could smile forever :D

Last night, it became so clear to me why Samford is just a memory...not something I really want to go back to...just a memory (a good one though). I like the future. I'm wired as a dreamer, a visionary, a planner, an activist, a driven thinker, a motivator...I'm not wired to be stuck in a place where I'm not encouraged or motivated or pushed toward anything that is greater than I can think of. I function off of reaching toward goals and dreams that, to many, seem unattainable. The past, I know, does have an impact on the future...but I'm not letting it dictate it.

I've been blessed in so many ways here at home. I can't even begin to explain it. I'm so thankful for what God has begun to do in my life. I'm thankful that He's made me appreciate everything that I have now...I've learned patience...I'm still learning patience. But everything has it's timing. Everything.


25 September 2009

hearing it

I had such an incredible moment this morning...I was SO VERY nervous about setting up a patient who was deaf. First off: the inevitable...he can't hear, and I don't know sign language. I mean, I can sign certain church songs (haha) but that's about it. [lets just be honest, I can talk :)]. Anyway-- I was so nervous. I mean, I knew that he probably wasnt insecure about his hearing-deficiency since he has always been deaf. However, I was insecure for him. I wanted to make sure that he knew I really did care about my job and what I was telling him...but I didn't really know how I was going to communicate that.

It's so true about what they say: A smile can say it all. From the second he came in the door, he was so joyous. He tried to talk, but just uttered sounds...then I asked him if he wanted me to write for him and he got really excited! We ended up having a really great meeting and he walked out with a huge smile on his face....I actually did it. When I shut the door behind him, tears literally started filling my eyes. I am making a difference. I do really care for these patients, and I was made so aware of that this morning.

It just broke my heart. Here was a man who looked completely normal. But truly he's never been able to hear anything. However, you would never know it.

17 September 2009

16 September 2009

the 14 hour day has begun...

okay...so today is basically going to be a 14-hour work day. Not kidding. I woke up at 6:30 to take greg and ceci to school so that I could then pick up machines at another office in order to be in slidell for a patient at 9am. However, the pt did not show up....and didnt call either. No big deal. I'm just choosing my battles. So...i'm leaving slidell to head to hammond for another set up at 11. The air conditioning in my car is not responding to my constant pushing of the ON button...increase decrease fan speed...nothing...okay...its now approx 95 degrees outside. No big. I'm in a suit jacket. I'm totally kosher. I start talking to myself...telling myself to breathe in an out. I have a choice: lose it or just start laughing. I laugh....A LOT. I call my mom to tell her what's going on. In the process I pray for my...no plea...for my AC. It turns on!!! WOOHOOO...So, now I dont need my mom's car..then, once I get off the phone with her, my AC goes off AGAIN!!! So, I head to her office, pick up her car. When I get almost to Hammond, I realize I forgot to put the machines from my car into my moms...classic move. So I have to now back track and get my stuff out of my car so that I can actually work. Yeah...

that's been the day so far.


11 September 2009


bahahahahahaahah....today has started hysterical...and I know will end that way too!

I just had a patient "stop up" the toilet in the office...of course I told my boss that was WAY above my pay-grade, so I let him take care of it :)


10 September 2009

sourkraut and processing

I can already see where today is going to go...haha. It's raining. Yes, I love the rain...a lot...but I can already tell that it's gonna be a long hard day. It's okay, I like the challenge. I'm just not exactly feeling up to parr. I've had a lot to process in the past 24 hours. NOT bad stuff...just fear that I've had to deal with. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's craziness---my life, that is. I smile at really random parts of the day--when I'm thinking too much. Like everyone in this world, I've had my own share of things to deal with. I've learned humility, the real meaning of the word "trust". I've developed and understanding of what it actually means to "believe". I know that I, Madeleine Mula, can survive...I also know that I wasn't genetically predisposed to do it alone. But, even now, in a season where I am truly happy, things pop up that I shake my head and smile...saying: haha, I knew something like this would happen eventually. The only reason I say that is because I know that the Lord has taught me how to cope; to handle; to encourage; to build up. Yeah. So, I'm saying all of this...for me I guess. haha.
Life sure is funny. There's another saying about what life is...hahahahahaha. I'll keep that one to myself :)
peace out sauerkraut---today is looking up :)

speaking of "sauerkraut"...who came up with that term!??!?! Really??? I mean...the spelling!!

09 September 2009

sweet things

My greatest memories with my dad usually involve deep-conversation. Usually, we start talking about some issue or concept and he ends up imparting his wisdom on me. Last night was one of such nights. Listening to my dad and Griffin talk about things that a lot of times bring controversy to people, was a sweet moment. To have two of my three men in one room...just talking. (the third being my bro) Conversation isn't something that comes super easy to everyone...this is one reason I'm glad I'm dating a salesman :) YES.....cat's out of the bag---I like to talk. But seriously, Last night was so sweet to me.

Its in moments like that--I am reminded that there was purpose in God's silence in my past season. I am so thankful for the "wait". I couldn't be more blessed at this time in my life. Yes, things aren't completely, 100% perfect...I'm still having to exhibit faith and trust...but I am so very thankful. God has shown me humility; He has shown me the purpose behind His silence. He isn't going to leave me hanging. So, then, why did I doubt?

good question.

03 September 2009

nope, dinner is not an option

Okay...So I really am liking my job. I'm finally getting OUT of the office and into patient interaction. I really feel like I'm actually making a difference in the people's lives. It's pretty nifty. (yes, I just said "nifty"---just go with it). So, this morning I had an early patient in Slidell...yeah, ode to flippin' Slidell hahaha....When I get to the hospital, I realize that I left the office key in Mandeville. Great. So, I just make due with what I have. However...You have to understand what I'm working with: Two bedrooms that have not been cleaned yet; I'm in heels; I get to cleaning. Be everything to everyone, right? Right. After I clean the rooms, I set up my "makeshift set up room". It works. TWO police officers come into the Sleep Lab saying: Oh, sorry, just doing my rounds. HAHA. They end up staying for a little bit and chatting. I try to seem dis-interested, but you know me...I have to be nice. They end up clocking my ring finger asking me:Oh, so you're not married?
Yeah...that was funny. Praise the Lord, the front desk called for the patient. Then, I get back to the office to find that the road is blocked...there are 3 men attempting to cut down the tree in front of our office. Ummmmm....not gonna work, because we have patients coming into our office...yeah. So, of course I'm nominated to go and talk to the tree-cutters "if I feel comfortable doing it". Of course I do. Once again: HEELS people!!!!! I don't know who I thought I was, but I just waltzed up to them and asked them what they were doing...apparently I couldn't just see for myself that they were cutting down the dang tree. :) They were really kind and said that they would be more than happy to come back tomorrow morning, that way we could get our cars out (they were going to be roping off the entire road...that meant I would have been STUCK at work ALL NIGHT!!!!) HECK NO! As I was walking back up to the office, one of the guys says: "You don't have a wedding ring! Will you go to dinner with me? I'll even let you take your own car so you can feel free to leave." I start roaring with laughter. I politely decline. Lets recap: he had no teeth...and he was approximately 50years old!!!!! gross. no thank you.

yeah...that's been today's happenings :)

my life is NOT boring.

02 September 2009

my bro is cra-cra

Things I'll cherish always--- Last night, I ended up taking my bro and sis to get yogurt...while, of course, rolling all the windows down and car dancing to the most random songs EVER! We were laughing our heads off about all kinds of random things. We even had the serious/not-so-serious: "Do you have anyone you're crushing on" convo. It was hysterical hearing my brother respond to what my lil' sis said. Oh, the difference between boys and girls...even at 13 and 14, they are SO different. Once we got to the yogurt place---Menchies, God Bless America---I could have just sat and watched them sample...EVERY FLAVOR...yes, every flavor. Then to see the look on my brother's face as he began to understand the concept of "mixing flavors together"...then...the toppings...hahaha. This was humorous. Of course Greg gets some sort of "non-fat sorbet" with fruit on top. Of all the people that can eat the junk and extra calories---he doesn't. I don't get it. HA.
When we get back in the car, Greg decides to roll down the windows and do a "Louisiana freeze out".....aka: its not cold in La, so it defeated the purpose of the game--just go with it. We had a car dance competition, too. I won. :)

The night was completed with me, Ceci and my mom sitting on my parents bedroom floor just laughing and talking about life.

I love it.


01 September 2009

pondering moments

So I've totally had an attitude check in the past week...or couple of days...haha...about the current state of my life. Honestly, I couldn't be happier, more blessed, or thankful than where I am now. I love living at home in Mandeville...yeah, its tough to get used to it all, but my family has been more than supportive of my decisions.

It's a waiting room period. I am trusting and "standing firm" :) in where I'm at...now. If God so chooses to change the course of my life here in the not-so-distant-future, then so be it. As of now, I am working (not always so happily...haha) for this company doing---im not even sure how to explain what I do---just go with it. I plan to go to grad school. Whether its MBA, masters of "fill in the blank"...it'll be something...and it will most likely be here (La). I have fabulous people in my life that are truly motivating. I'm meeting more and more people everyday that I can sense will have some sort of lasting effect on my life, and I on theirs, in some way-shape-or form. It's all good. Really, its all good.

I don't want to live in Louisiana my whole life. Honestly, I don't think I will. I'm up for going anywhere...seriously. It's who you're with...not where you're at :)

okay, now that i've read over what I've already written...im bored with it. HAHA.

hmmmm....oh yeah...I got this incredible raise-stipend-thingy that has motivated me beyond anything I can even explain to you!!!! WOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!

more shoes :)

28 August 2009


i need migraine medication...STAT! Like legit am having a really hard time looking at the computer screen...but I can't leave to go get medicine bc...oh yeah...I have to stay until 5. Did I mention everyone else left at 12?!?!?! Not even kidding.


26 August 2009


Everyone has been soooo wonderful to me today!!! From the moment I woke up...to this very moment!!! I feel so loved. I honestly haven't felt like this is a really long time. Seriously, my bdays usually go down as "worst day ever". However, not this year. For starters, my precious family was so cute when I woke up this morning---yes, once again, I am living at home (at age 22). So---my mom made me bfast and coffee. My dad, mom, little bro and sis all ate together before I brought the youngins to escuela. My dad and brother were trying to get me out on the front porch for some reason, I of course was not cooperating. Finally, my dad gets me outside and I see three presents lined up on the porch. I squeal...literally squeal. I sit down on the porch (in a skirt) and start opening the presents... GRIFFIN!!!!! He's just too good to me. Seriously. However---there was a "frog" in one of the bags that I threw at my dad...bc I am AFRAID of them. Thanks Griffin!
Okay, so we leave the house and head to escuela. Hearing "happy birthday" from my younger brother is the sweetest thing ever! :) Then...I go to work.
Here is the funny part: So my boss texts me and asks me what I want from Starbucks. Free coffee...I'm like "nonfat toffee nut latte, please". I'm thinking to myself: How sweet, he remembers my bday." Well, I get this text about 7 minutes later saying he left his wallet, so no coffee. I was thinking "no big, what do you want? I'll get you some coffee." He's like "awesome....blah blah blah." Okay, So I go to Starbucks (making myself a tad later to work than I intended---im getting to work 1.5hrs ahead of everyone so that I can get my work done before they give me everything else to do)...in come these military guys. Picture this: Me (in a skirt-shocking, right) ordering my coffee, minding my own business...enter military men (not looking very clean and totally staring at me). I hear one of them say "go talk to her, I don't see a ring". Yes, everyone, this is my life. Creepy military dudes checking my ring finger...does great things for the esteem. HAHAHA. So I get my boss' coffee and go into work. In the meantime, I fall up the stairs into work; somehow losing a shoe. Go fig. But the coffee is safe! I get into work and my boss starts talking to me. This completely postpones my work. Lovely.
In the meantime, he tells me that I have to stay until 5pm everyday...regardless of whether I get my work done early or not (regardless of what time I get in, too). No problem. You just ruined my happy mood. Okay, so I glue on a smile.
Then...as I am telling him where my AWESOME AMAZING WONDERFUL FANTASTIC PRECIOUS boyfriend is taking me tonight he says: "what's the occasion, anniversary...?" I say...its my bday. HAHAHA. My dad's best friend/second father figure forgot my bday. Typical.
It was really funny.

Then the rest of the day was blah, as far as work goes. Other than the "frog" cookie bouquet that Griffin sent me (why frogs...i am scared of frogs, Griffin :P) and taking my bro and sis lunch...it was a day. I have loved it though. Every minute of it. Now I'm just sitting here...apparently blogging...bc I'm done with work. But, oh wait, can't leave until 5pm...bc that makes sense :)

25 August 2009

things to consider

So, I get to work now at 7:30am because...lets just face it...im a morning person. Its really nice... I bring my brother and sister to school in the morning (getting to chat about life and high school drama), I get to drink my coffee in peace, and I have the chance to get all my "have to do" work completed before everyone comes in and asks me to do everything else. So....It works out :)

The funny point: I get here before everyone else...thinking I'll be able to leave early (since I was practically finished with work at 2:30pm)...Right before I'm about to leave, I get asked if I can stay until 5pm bc everyone HAD to leave....So...I am in the process of working a 9.5 hour day today. But I'm not really doing anything right now. I am soooooooooooooooooo bored!


24 August 2009

post-weekend extravaganza

yeahhhhh....so hayden surprised me with a wonderful bday trip to the BEACH this past weekend!!! I have to be honest...I was doubtful about the weather on Friday. The sky was black and the clouds were purple!!! But..I still purposed it in me to "GET TO THE BEACH"! And...I did. The weather was great on Sat and Sun. Could not have asked for better weather.

There were many-a-funny-happenings :) I'm pretty sure Movie Gallery hates me and Hayden. We basically took over the store. Hayden thought it would be a good idea to grab a "few" movies and then we could each pick what we wanted to watch. I was like: "okay, i can do that"....next thing you know...I have 2 movies...hayden legit has 24!!!!! So, instead of putting them back, we decide to drop them on the floor, spread them out, and go through them one by one. HAHAHAAHA!!! It really was pretty hysterical...bc we then sit on the nasty floor and sort through them all. yeah.

75 movies later...we pick two: the Soloist, and Rachel Getting Married

dont get me started on RGM!!!! That movie confirmed my feelings about indie flims...dont like em!

20 August 2009

by golly i am important

I stole a brief moment because I just HAD to blog about the current state of my life right now. What's mildly comical to me is that I am completely NOT stressed...that might be due to the fact that as I was looking into the mirror last night, I realized: I could totally be a candidate for early onset grey hair if I let this job get to me (it doesn't even run in my family...that's how C-R-A-Z-Y this job is). So...I 've decided to just not get stressed.

Anyway--- I decided to get to work at about 7:30am because I had some re-vamping (or "vamping") of the entire computer network that this office is running on. When I got to the office, I was whisked away to a meeting that I thought would be rather casual...NOPE!!! I was meeting with the "big wigs". Totally intimidating! However, I just relaxed and listened in. It ended up being very informative... and rather intriguing (I thrive off crap like that--call me crazy). If there was ever a day where I felt like the world had no use for me, today was NOT it. I kept on getting text messages and phone calls saying: call me ASAP! I felt very important :) kinda liked it...haha. Anyway--another bad day to wear heels. I ended up having to leave the meeting early to run a TON of errands and clean up some technological problems that apparently I can solve. Apparently. Then, I was able to have a short break to run to Chicfila and grab and drink while en-route to bring my precious boyfriend (we shall call him "Michael") something he misplaced that was of mass importance. That was a nice treat.

So now, I'm back at the office waiting for "stuff" to download...contemplating whether or not I want another donut-hole.

deep thoughts...once again.

19 August 2009


So thanks to Hayden Hamrick, I have been contemplating the word "fugly" all morning long...what on earth does that actually mean!??!?!? I can think of a few ways I can use the word, but its just so funny to say. BAHAHAHA.

In the meantime, I am exhausted!

18 August 2009

running shoes...

Okay, so I've entitled this one rather appropriately...let me explain. So, my day starts about 45 minutes earlier than expected due to a morning phone call from my precious mother. You see, since I live at home, it makes it less stressful for my younger siblings when they leave things that they need for school, i.e. tennis shoes (don't ask). Instead of rolling back over, in my EXTREMELY comfortable cloud I sleep on, I decided to get up and get my morning started. I thought to myself "Why don't you treat yourself to Starbucks?" AWESOME IDEA!!! Okay...so I make the trek to NCS (which is totally out of my way), but I really didn't mind. I actually felt good about helping my mom out. :) angel baby. So, I get to work...a little late because I promised myself Starbucks :) And this is where the fun begins...

The computer button that turns the screen on...does not work. As in: someone hot-glued it. No lie. This is where I work. So, I try to fix it. In the mean time, I break a nail. OUCH!!!!! I prayed after (bc I didn't think a stupid computer button was worth losing my religion over). So this puts our whole office in a pickle. 4 people are trying to do 4 different things on my computer...funny...so I literally am running all over the office trying to do all sorts of stuff...inventory...learning set ups. Then, I have to travel to the diagnostics place to learn setups...oh, the sky opens up and it starts raining. Like not "oh what a cute shower"... it was "Holy crap, it might be a hurricane!!!" So I'm driving, I get where I need to, and do what I need to. I decide that I should probably try and get back earlier to the office since we are backed up. (I'm really trying here). Well, I get to the office...and I am instructed to completely re-organize ALL of the inventory. I didn't think I would ever see the light...I felt like an endurance runner again. WHY DID I WEAR HEELS!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (once again, didn't feel like it was worth losing my religion over)

Well, now Im still trying to figure this computer thing out...all the while...still breaking my nails.

true life.

17 August 2009

post poned

i have a lot to blog about...haha...but i feel sick right now....

14 August 2009

current predicament

So I started my morning trying to figure the Uhaul situation out. Turns out I should have just done everything on my own (on Monday) instead of waiting on my parents (its now Friday). Independent-self sufficient. I'm not going to go off about that...that would be wasted breath/type/whatever...haha. Okay--back to the Uhaul. So I was originally planning on doing everything on-line. That way I didn't have to go though all kinds of trouble talking to random people on the phone. However, since it's Friday (and I needed the Uhaul today to drive to Bham) I realized I just needed to speak to the people. So I called "your friendly neighborhood Uhaul service representative"...too long of a name for me to put on a business card... ANYWAY... She was helpful, but very difficult to understand. She informed me that it would be double the price (as in over $600) for me to drive the Uhaul from Mandeville to Birmingham back to Mandeville....soooo being the economical individual I am (no need to snicker) I decided it would be in my best interest to save $300 and just drive to Bham in my mom's car, and just drive the Uhaul back by myself. I called my mom...she thought that was genius. So I make the reservation. Then I get Billy-Bob from the Uhaul in Bham to call me. He said that the only truck he has available is at 4pm!!!! I couldn't believe it. Then, I was a woman on a mission. I tried EVERY Uhaul place in Bham and the surrounding area...other renting truck companies...nothing. I was just really aggravated bc my whole weekend was thrown off.

okay, so finally (after much deliberation) I decided to fly to Bham tom morning and get the Uhaul at 4pm...to in turn load it up with all my stuff...to then drive back that same night...to unload. yeah...that should be super interesting. At least I saved money...and gas :)

so that's kind of where my day has been... and gone. Looking so forward to working out tonight, and then CRASHING in front of the TV. I'm going to act out R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N.

change of plans

okay...so uhauling is postponed until tom morning....long story... BUT, my mother has opted to travel with me. THIS shall be hysterical!!!!


Today is Friday. And this means....IM GOING TO BIRMINGHAM!!!!! And yes, I'm driving a UHAUL... more to come...more to come...

13 August 2009


"Words communicate and explain. We can tell people that we love them. We can explain how precious they are to us. Actions validate and confirm. When we sacrifice our preferences for another, we show our respect and affection. When we sacrifice ourselves, our wishes, and our preferences for a friend, we give the greatest of all gifts and prove our love beyond any doubt."

I read this today and loved it. Thought I'd share...not that I'm "sharing" with anyone but myself...haha...I highly doubt anyone is reading this :)

Thoughts: I think I'm a "words of affirmation" person...slash "quality time".... I like spending time with people I care about. I like talking to people I care about. And I like doing things for people I care about. But the hard part is: I never know if what I'm doing is being welcomed or not...so I guess that's where the "words of affirmation" come in...I dunno....


Does anyone appreciate coffee as much as I do? I mean... I seriously love this stuff... I wake up extra early just to make it. I go to bed excited about what flavors I'm going to mix. But the best thing about coffee...is the savor of the flavor! :) I am officially the corniest person I know!!! With the exception of a certain someone who we shall call "Michael" or "Jethro" depending on which personality we are referring to. haha.

Back to coffee--I really like to make coffee for other people...but being at home, either my parents have already left for work or don't want any...I miss making it for people...i.e. Hayden :(

12 August 2009


I've decided that maybe instead of "sleep studies" I should work for "stare studies". I have become quite the expert on how to "stare at the computer screen while looking busy when there is absolutely nothing to do"....quite the master of this art, if I do say so myself (and I just did...so there). Also, I have noticed a complete shift in my attitude. I'm actually happy. I know that this job is not forever...thus, I'm thankful (just this once) for the word "temporary". I'm seeing the Lord actively in my life today. For instance, I just talked to him in my car for a brief moment...and instantly (not super-spiritualizing this) I felt peace...then tears...then joy.

Anyway...back to the "stare studies". I think this could work. However, I'm not really looking into doing any more "study" work. I'm thinking event planning is more my style...thank you, princessrenee!!!!

love ya, mean it. peace.

new day

Today is a new day....well that was a dumb statement...because...nevermind, I'm not going to be that "over-dramatic/analytical/emotional" blogger that tries to make sense of senseless things. Okay, now that's out in the open. I have officially decided to change my attitude about my current occupational situation. I am being optimistic because I have so much to be thankful for. Obviously the Lord has been so faithful. I mean, I actually have a job...which allows me to have the time I need to figure out what it is I really want to do with this life I've been given. Already, I feel like somethin's a brewin' :) Can't wait to see where God takes this....AHHHH....secrets, I just love them!

So, I'm trying to be happy today. I mean, I am happy today. I can't wait to make my gym membership permanent!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!! I look so forward to working out.... call me crazy.

11 August 2009


never thought I'd say this...but I'm actually about to cry....UGH!

still nothing....

I am STILL staring at the computer...never thought I would be so anxious to hear the beep of a fax machine...never thought I would have a blog. Guess I've just got to keep the world on its toes. You never know what I'm going to get into next...my head it full of ideas. Like for instance, I'm trying to figure out the most effective way to move out of my house in Birmingham...how on earth am I going to get the furniture down the stairs, into the UHaul (which I will be driving myself home in...5 hours...me+UHaul=holla!), yes...INTO the UHAUL! This is seriously going to need to be documented. Next idea: still not sure why my life is not a reality tv show. Sure its not that interesting. I honestly probably wouldnt even watch it myself, but nevertheless this is something Hayden and I have talked about for quite some time...still needs to happen.


I have decided that I am going to put my Samford degree to the test! I am currently trying to get all of the figures straight to teleport myself someplace...maybe Birmingham since that is where my mom and sisters are currently (for the day, mind you)... or the beach...or Ireland. I don't know. That is of minor importance right now. However, since I do have a full-time job that I AM committed to, I will also have to design a hologram. THIS is where it gets tricky. I'm not a 2-D person...AT ALL. So...this is difficult. If anyone has been successful in this please contact me ASAP!

first one...here goes...

I would assume that normally in a "virgin blogger's" first post one would probably start discussing the question: what is a blog? or they would dive into something really over-dramatic and emotional....not me. Even though I have not the slightest clue as to what a "blog" is. I'm just going with it. So...for my first "thoughtful post".... I guess I could prepare everyone for the amount of craziness you are about to get into. My life. Especially since I do so much now. HAHA. So, I will blog about what goes on in the day-to-day routine of me. Like: almost getting attacked by killer snakes while trying to be a good Samaritan and walk the blasted dog (which saved my life, btw); or falling down the stairs while holding a cup of hot coffee (thus having to change before work). It's these type of crazy happenings that make up the life of me. So...I'm not promising anything over-entertaining 24/7. Sometimes there isn't too much to my life, but...I am promising you will occasionally laugh. You may even pee a little. Just go for it.

over and out...posting one.