22 December 2009


Oh my gosh, I love Christmas!!! I just love this time of year.  Besides the fact that it means I need to workout extra hard during the day...it's pretty much relaxing.   AHHH, I just love it.

Last night Griffin took the three "Mula Girls" to New Orleans.  We went to take part in "Miracle of Fulton Street"....I have to pause for a moment and confess that even though I have basically grown up here, I have  never ever ever been to Fulton Street for Christmas!!!! I kinda feel like I was jipped as a kid.  (is that how you spell "jipped"???)  Even though, at 22 I really enjoyed myself (for the brevity that Fulton Street is), it would have been so magical as a child.  I mean...Santa is there...his candy shop...his mailbox...his winterwonderland (for what it's worth in La)...its like the North Pole came to Louisiana for a night. haha.

Anyway, we went to that...then walked down to Cafe DuMonde for beignets and coffe :) YUUUMMM. Oh, I failed to mention that we stopped in a few shops on our way :) THAT was fun!!!!

Camille made me try on this sassy little red number....and when I say "sassy" I totally mean "sassy".  Lets remember that I was already wearing black boots under my jeans...so with the red dress and the black leather boots...yeah...I looked like I belonged in the French Quarter.  It was hysterical.  Needless to say, I DID NOT get the dress. haha.

The evening was capped with "As Long as You're Mine" being blarred and sung by yours truly and Griffatron (as Ceci "Cecalonica and the Church Thereof" calls him). 

Oh...I can't forget the intense wrestling ft. Greg and Griffin.  It is always so funny to watch them wrestle....hahaha...

Needless to say: Christmas is FRIDAY!

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