14 October 2009

really random thoughts

So I'm clumsy...what's new? I have successfully landed on my butt TWICE...in the same spot on the floor of my living room. You think that when I got up from falling the first time, I would have learned NOT to step there again. Right. So, I did the exact same thing---yeah. I've just accepted it.

My head hurts. My eyes I can't seem to keep open. Literally. I really don't know what's wrong. I think "maybe, I'm tired"...but I've been getting sleep (I think). It might be the fact that I literally have NOT stopped!!! I just go go go, because I feel like I'm energized. But when I stop...I stop.

22 years old. weird.


I want to sing. Real bad, but... yeah.

okay. Enough random-ness.

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