27 August 2010

the week...recap

So there really has been a lot that has happened since my last post...I guess we could start with the "planned internet outage" that lasted from Monday-Friday of this week...yeah, we just got it back on.  Basically AT&T didn't really find it completely necessary to let all the 22,000 people that were "affected" my the LACK OF INTERNET for the said--4 days! No big, why don't you just completely disable us from running a business!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! Then to top it off, yesterday, the network went out.  In a few words: WE CANT DO ANYTHING.  HAHA.  At this point, I was past the point of delirium. Everyone in the office was just laughing because it was just one thing after another!! :)

But the best part of the week was THURSDAY (yesterday).  Why you ask??? Well, it was my 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!! My sister flew in from college JUST to celebrate the day with me :) meant the world.  I really really am surrounded by people who love me...and show it.  Well, my absolutely fantastic fiance took me to breakfast in the morning...my favorite place, Mande's.  Yum.  The thought of it is making my mouth water.  No really, just totally watered! Okay---So my dad met us there and joined us for the last part of our meal and just talked with us about life.  It was really sweet!!! SOOOO...normally, I wear scrubs to work.  Except today, I totally dressed up!! I even did my hair! :) I just love bdays.  Well, my mom came at 12 (with my sis) to take me to lunch....they spoiled me! We went to Cafe Lynn. Yum, again. Then I went back to work only to know that I could leave early.  So....I left around 3 and headed to the gym.  My sweet sweet gym buddy, Beth, brought me a Powerade :) and she also brought me a bday happy!!! Kitchen soap! Praise Jesus, because Griff's house is in DESPERATE need of it!!!! After that, I took a long shower (fav fav fav) and just took my time getting dressed.  I wore a new dress that my mom had given me earlier that morning....because the Mula family was going to Gio's!!!!!!!!!!!! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Let me just tell you....hands down...that place absolutely rocks!!!!!  They sang to me and brought me some sort of italian dessert....yummy again.  We finished the evening with Baskin Robbins mint choco chip ice cream cake, carrot cake squares, jamoca almond fudge ice cream, and cookie dough...and PRESENTS!!!!!

all in all...everyone spoiled me ROTTEN!!!!! 

Let me just say:  I have the best family...future family...and fiance ANYONE could have ever dreamed of!!!!

18 August 2010

87more days :)

So, my blogging has been really down (as of late)...and so has my journaling...SAD DAY!!!! But I've either been way to busy at work to blog, or just too tired to even pull my journal out.  All of these are super sad to me, because I just love to read back on either old posts or old journal entries.  It's always good for a good laugh! ["good for a good laugh"....that kinda doesn't make sense].  Anywho--- I'm really really thankful that today is Wednesday, and the work day is almost over.  VERY THANKFUL, to be exact.  It's just been a rough week.  I've kinda been acting as "manager" lately, but I'm not compensated for it....so it gets really hard to be motivated.

On an uplifiting note:  there are approximately 87 more days until the wedding.  AKA: Mrs. William Griffin Lewis :) Not to freak out or anything, but I just realized that I have A LOT of little personal things that I have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Get my dress fitted
2. Change my gym-routine
3. Get the day-of timeline sorted out
4. Get a certain thing for a certain someone
5. Pack
6. and I'm sure there's more....no need to stress..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyway, I'm about to leave because I just can't be in this back cubicle anymore..... adios

17 August 2010

the mysteries of monograms....

Maybe it's because I'm gettting married in less than 3 months....but I've recently beccome very interested in the "do's and don'ts" of MONOGRAMMING.  I found a really good website that really helped :)

turns out...it's another blog....


Whose Name Goes First?
So before we discuss the couple's monogram, we should first decide whose name goes first?
One of the most common mistakes when choosing the text for the front of your note card is the order in which a married couple's name appears. Below are a few examples of the correct and incorrect way to write your married names:
Correct: Hillary and Russell

Incorrect: Russell and Hillary
*A bride's name should always be printed before a groom's name. The reason for this is that she is given away to her groom and thus should be first.

Correct: Hillary and Russell Jordan

Incorrect: Russell and Hillary Jordan
*A man should never be separated from his last name. Thus when you write Russell and Hillary Jordan, the and Hillary part is separating Russell from his last name Jordan.

Correct: Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jordan

Also Correct: Mr. and Mrs. Jordan
Incorrect: Mr. and Mrs. Russell and Hillary Jordan

Also Incorrect: Mr. and Mrs. Hillary and Russell Jordan
*If using Mr. and Mrs. for titles, only the man's name should follow the titles. The first incorrect example does not work because it breaks the rule to never separate a man from his last name. While the names are in the correct order in the second incorrect example, the names do not match the order of the titles. For example, Mr. would be matched with Hillary and Mrs. would be matched with Russell. It is best to simply use both titles with the man's first and/or last name.
Monograms for Engaged Couples
For an Engaged Couple, prior to the wedding:
Generally, the woman's name comes first until they are married. After marriage, the man's is first.
Bride-Elect's First Name Initial – Groom-Elect's Last Name Initial – Groom Elect's First Name Initial
For example, a monogram for Stacey Anger and Ray Carter, whom are engaged to be married in May, will appear:

Monograms for Couples
The following Monograms for Couples are both appropriate. It is just a matter of personal preference.
The letters in a contemporary three-initial monogram for couples are typically positioned in the following order, with the center letter larger than the two on either side:
Wife's First Name Initial – Couple's Last Name Initial – Husband's First Name Initial
For example, a monogram for Hillary and Russell Jordan will appear:

The letters in a traditional three-initial monogram for couples are typically positioned in the following order, with the center letter larger than the two on either side:
Husband's First Name Initial – Couple's Last Name Initial – Wife's First Name Initial
For example, a monogram for Hillary and Russell Jordan will appear:



11 August 2010



But I spent a good majority of it in my car just worshipping, crying, singing, crying, shouting, crying, etc.  I had to get away from the office, and was very fortunate and blessed to have my boss give me stuff to do outside of the office.  :)  It was PERFECT.  Just what I needed to re-group and get my focuses back to where they should be.  I just worshipped.  I literally almost ran off the interstate a couple of times because I was really getting into it (safety first---I do NOT suggest closing your eyes or letting an excessive amount of tears overtake you....yea).  Well, it was really really great for me.  Christy Nockels and Chris Tomlin together equal TOTALLY ANNOINTED!!!! Gosh, what a dream.....

While I had some time in the car, I started to also think about the many things that are placed inside of me that I dream to do and accomplish...to experience.  It was good Madeleine time.  Much needed. I feel super refreshed and just cannot wait to get back into my car so that I can do it all over again. 

ps:  Shara McKee's version of "Worshipping You" puts Deluge out back!!!!!  Seriously...check it out!

Oh, and Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels' version of "Where the Spirit of the Lord is"....SPEECHLESS!!!!

10 August 2010

vent session

Please excuse me while I vent:

Today has been one of those days where you have to label it "one of those days" ..... It kinda just started out weird....

Okay, so there is this individual at work who is the epitomy of ANNOYING, AGGRAVATING, LAZY, UNINTERESTING, AND BLAND.  From the second this person walks in the door, I get the creeps....but I do try and give this person the benefit of the doubt every morning...but then things just happen throughout the day that add to the fact that it's simply a waste to have this person on staff. Yes, this is rather brutal---- but it's just how I feel...and I'm just going to be blunt and honest about it.  So, of course this has completely upset my day!! It all started with people not being able to communicate and just assuming that I can be in 3 different places at once (I say 3 because that is exactly how many places they assumed I'd be) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  So, it all boils down to me not being able to get lunch/have my relaxation hour and being responsible for doing all sorts of ish! yeah.....

So now, I must wait an extra hour to simply do nothing....and wait to set up a patient....THEN I can leave!!!!


06 August 2010

counting down 100...

Yesterday was 100 days until the wedding!!! I seriously cannot wait!!! My sweet fiance sent me a beautiful assortment of flowers :) with a note that reads: "Counting down the days, 100 more to go!! I love you, Griffin" (granted they spelled his name griffEn...but I wont hold that against them).  But I just thought that was SO stinkin thoughtful! He literally is ALWAYS putting me first...wonderful...simply wonderful!

Well, now....it's Friday, and Griff's family came in last night...so imagine how difficult it was for me to get up and actually go to work today!!! Simply no motivation today!!! NONE! NOOOOOOONE!

So, I'm trying to busy myself and not think about things....you know, like going to lunch, lounging around the house until I want to get dresses, driving across the causeway, galavanting throughout the city, taking my time at the gym for a good workout....things like that.... :)

So I've been trying to set my mind on the task at hand.....(just give me a few moments and I'll come up with a "task").....haha

Anywho----I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend!! I know I will!!! I can't wait for this work-day to be over!!!!

04 August 2010

the single most frustrating thing about me

The reality is:  I can say "I don't care" until I am blue in the face...but I really do.  I really care...about everything.

I'm that person that cares so much...loves so deeply...trusts too easily.  Yep, that's me.  And a lot of times it makes situations a whole lot more difficult than they ever were intended to be.

So saying that...I feel much better.

03 August 2010

pit pat pit pat

I wish it would rain. 

I cannot even truly express how much joy it brings me to wake up and see it cloudy.  It's the anticipation of the storm that captivates me; the scutter of the animal life in the hurry to find shelter; the thrill of the possibility of "evacuation"; the pitter-patter of raindrops splattering among the plants; and the comfort of knowing that I can opt to stay dry....

I just love the rain.

It reminds me a lot of my childhood.  [HAHA...this is about to get real embarrassing.]  Okay, so whenever it would be STORMING---and I mean STORMING--- Camille (my sister) and I would get this rickety plastic red wagon and pile: ponchos, old plastic things that we could use as imaginary news cameras (yes, I said "news cameras"), umbrellas, microphones made of a pencil wrapped in aluminum foil (gotta get uber creative at that age), and of course things that could blow in the wind easily.  HAHA! Well, we would take all this "junk" outside and pretend that we were meteorologists :)  Of course we would sometimes really film it...and watching those old home videos, you would not stop laughing.  We were so serious.  Haha.  So anytime it is raining outside, I am reminded of those videos....and the countless hours we laughed and cried!!! HAHAHAA!!!!

02 August 2010

heat advisory????

What the HECK is up with the HEAT!!!!????!??!??! It is SOOO hot outside and I am about to just lose it! I am literally miserable trying to function everyday.  It is disgusting outside, and very difficult to breathe! GROSS!!!