24 November 2009

the week i should be off....

Only two more days until Thanksgiving (my favorite Holiday--btw)....I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am so excited about how I am going to spend the holidays this year...in the car, traveling, cooking, laughing, probably doing something really stupid and clumsy...but hey, it wouldn't be the holidays if it was normal. 

HOWEVER---I seriously do not understand why on earth I have to work until "the day before Thanksgiving". I mean, who wants a sleep study this week anyway!?!?!?!? Okay, I just answered my own question: People probably assume that since it is the holidays, its "prime-time" for any doctors visits, i.e. sleep studies, that they need to catch up on.  Well, that's just a bummer.  Granted, I'm making money...but I'd rather be sleeping/going to lunch with my siblings and everyone else who is off of work.  Just lovely.

I am complaining so much right now.  I sound like a miserable individual.  HAHA. Well, point number 1: I'm not miserable (at least I don't think I am). Point number 2: I don't really have a point #2.

Moving on.

It's currently like 10:26am right now....and I am trying to stretch out all of the things that I "have to do" in a day.  I wish so bad I didn't have to work the rest of the week.  I REALLY want to take tomorrow off....its just NOT going to happen. I can pretty much guarantee that one.  I mean, I think I might have a low-grade fever...and a cough...and my eye was twitching awhile ago...this is serious. 

AHHHH....this is when my conscious is just not my best friend at all.

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