25 September 2009

hearing it

I had such an incredible moment this morning...I was SO VERY nervous about setting up a patient who was deaf. First off: the inevitable...he can't hear, and I don't know sign language. I mean, I can sign certain church songs (haha) but that's about it. [lets just be honest, I can talk :)]. Anyway-- I was so nervous. I mean, I knew that he probably wasnt insecure about his hearing-deficiency since he has always been deaf. However, I was insecure for him. I wanted to make sure that he knew I really did care about my job and what I was telling him...but I didn't really know how I was going to communicate that.

It's so true about what they say: A smile can say it all. From the second he came in the door, he was so joyous. He tried to talk, but just uttered sounds...then I asked him if he wanted me to write for him and he got really excited! We ended up having a really great meeting and he walked out with a huge smile on his face....I actually did it. When I shut the door behind him, tears literally started filling my eyes. I am making a difference. I do really care for these patients, and I was made so aware of that this morning.

It just broke my heart. Here was a man who looked completely normal. But truly he's never been able to hear anything. However, you would never know it.

17 September 2009

16 September 2009

the 14 hour day has begun...

okay...so today is basically going to be a 14-hour work day. Not kidding. I woke up at 6:30 to take greg and ceci to school so that I could then pick up machines at another office in order to be in slidell for a patient at 9am. However, the pt did not show up....and didnt call either. No big deal. I'm just choosing my battles. So...i'm leaving slidell to head to hammond for another set up at 11. The air conditioning in my car is not responding to my constant pushing of the ON button...increase decrease fan speed...nothing...okay...its now approx 95 degrees outside. No big. I'm in a suit jacket. I'm totally kosher. I start talking to myself...telling myself to breathe in an out. I have a choice: lose it or just start laughing. I laugh....A LOT. I call my mom to tell her what's going on. In the process I pray for my...no plea...for my AC. It turns on!!! WOOHOOO...So, now I dont need my mom's car..then, once I get off the phone with her, my AC goes off AGAIN!!! So, I head to her office, pick up her car. When I get almost to Hammond, I realize I forgot to put the machines from my car into my moms...classic move. So I have to now back track and get my stuff out of my car so that I can actually work. Yeah...

that's been the day so far.


11 September 2009


bahahahahahaahah....today has started hysterical...and I know will end that way too!

I just had a patient "stop up" the toilet in the office...of course I told my boss that was WAY above my pay-grade, so I let him take care of it :)


10 September 2009

sourkraut and processing

I can already see where today is going to go...haha. It's raining. Yes, I love the rain...a lot...but I can already tell that it's gonna be a long hard day. It's okay, I like the challenge. I'm just not exactly feeling up to parr. I've had a lot to process in the past 24 hours. NOT bad stuff...just fear that I've had to deal with. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's craziness---my life, that is. I smile at really random parts of the day--when I'm thinking too much. Like everyone in this world, I've had my own share of things to deal with. I've learned humility, the real meaning of the word "trust". I've developed and understanding of what it actually means to "believe". I know that I, Madeleine Mula, can survive...I also know that I wasn't genetically predisposed to do it alone. But, even now, in a season where I am truly happy, things pop up that I shake my head and smile...saying: haha, I knew something like this would happen eventually. The only reason I say that is because I know that the Lord has taught me how to cope; to handle; to encourage; to build up. Yeah. So, I'm saying all of this...for me I guess. haha.
Life sure is funny. There's another saying about what life is...hahahahahaha. I'll keep that one to myself :)
peace out sauerkraut---today is looking up :)

speaking of "sauerkraut"...who came up with that term!??!?! Really??? I mean...the spelling!!

09 September 2009

sweet things

My greatest memories with my dad usually involve deep-conversation. Usually, we start talking about some issue or concept and he ends up imparting his wisdom on me. Last night was one of such nights. Listening to my dad and Griffin talk about things that a lot of times bring controversy to people, was a sweet moment. To have two of my three men in one room...just talking. (the third being my bro) Conversation isn't something that comes super easy to everyone...this is one reason I'm glad I'm dating a salesman :) YES.....cat's out of the bag---I like to talk. But seriously, Last night was so sweet to me.

Its in moments like that--I am reminded that there was purpose in God's silence in my past season. I am so thankful for the "wait". I couldn't be more blessed at this time in my life. Yes, things aren't completely, 100% perfect...I'm still having to exhibit faith and trust...but I am so very thankful. God has shown me humility; He has shown me the purpose behind His silence. He isn't going to leave me hanging. So, then, why did I doubt?

good question.

03 September 2009

nope, dinner is not an option

Okay...So I really am liking my job. I'm finally getting OUT of the office and into patient interaction. I really feel like I'm actually making a difference in the people's lives. It's pretty nifty. (yes, I just said "nifty"---just go with it). So, this morning I had an early patient in Slidell...yeah, ode to flippin' Slidell hahaha....When I get to the hospital, I realize that I left the office key in Mandeville. Great. So, I just make due with what I have. However...You have to understand what I'm working with: Two bedrooms that have not been cleaned yet; I'm in heels; I get to cleaning. Be everything to everyone, right? Right. After I clean the rooms, I set up my "makeshift set up room". It works. TWO police officers come into the Sleep Lab saying: Oh, sorry, just doing my rounds. HAHA. They end up staying for a little bit and chatting. I try to seem dis-interested, but you know me...I have to be nice. They end up clocking my ring finger asking me:Oh, so you're not married?
Yeah...that was funny. Praise the Lord, the front desk called for the patient. Then, I get back to the office to find that the road is blocked...there are 3 men attempting to cut down the tree in front of our office. Ummmmm....not gonna work, because we have patients coming into our office...yeah. So, of course I'm nominated to go and talk to the tree-cutters "if I feel comfortable doing it". Of course I do. Once again: HEELS people!!!!! I don't know who I thought I was, but I just waltzed up to them and asked them what they were doing...apparently I couldn't just see for myself that they were cutting down the dang tree. :) They were really kind and said that they would be more than happy to come back tomorrow morning, that way we could get our cars out (they were going to be roping off the entire road...that meant I would have been STUCK at work ALL NIGHT!!!!) HECK NO! As I was walking back up to the office, one of the guys says: "You don't have a wedding ring! Will you go to dinner with me? I'll even let you take your own car so you can feel free to leave." I start roaring with laughter. I politely decline. Lets recap: he had no teeth...and he was approximately 50years old!!!!! gross. no thank you.

yeah...that's been today's happenings :)

my life is NOT boring.

02 September 2009

my bro is cra-cra

Things I'll cherish always--- Last night, I ended up taking my bro and sis to get yogurt...while, of course, rolling all the windows down and car dancing to the most random songs EVER! We were laughing our heads off about all kinds of random things. We even had the serious/not-so-serious: "Do you have anyone you're crushing on" convo. It was hysterical hearing my brother respond to what my lil' sis said. Oh, the difference between boys and girls...even at 13 and 14, they are SO different. Once we got to the yogurt place---Menchies, God Bless America---I could have just sat and watched them sample...EVERY FLAVOR...yes, every flavor. Then to see the look on my brother's face as he began to understand the concept of "mixing flavors together"...then...the toppings...hahaha. This was humorous. Of course Greg gets some sort of "non-fat sorbet" with fruit on top. Of all the people that can eat the junk and extra calories---he doesn't. I don't get it. HA.
When we get back in the car, Greg decides to roll down the windows and do a "Louisiana freeze out".....aka: its not cold in La, so it defeated the purpose of the game--just go with it. We had a car dance competition, too. I won. :)

The night was completed with me, Ceci and my mom sitting on my parents bedroom floor just laughing and talking about life.

I love it.


01 September 2009

pondering moments

So I've totally had an attitude check in the past week...or couple of days...haha...about the current state of my life. Honestly, I couldn't be happier, more blessed, or thankful than where I am now. I love living at home in Mandeville...yeah, its tough to get used to it all, but my family has been more than supportive of my decisions.

It's a waiting room period. I am trusting and "standing firm" :) in where I'm at...now. If God so chooses to change the course of my life here in the not-so-distant-future, then so be it. As of now, I am working (not always so happily...haha) for this company doing---im not even sure how to explain what I do---just go with it. I plan to go to grad school. Whether its MBA, masters of "fill in the blank"...it'll be something...and it will most likely be here (La). I have fabulous people in my life that are truly motivating. I'm meeting more and more people everyday that I can sense will have some sort of lasting effect on my life, and I on theirs, in some way-shape-or form. It's all good. Really, its all good.

I don't want to live in Louisiana my whole life. Honestly, I don't think I will. I'm up for going anywhere...seriously. It's who you're with...not where you're at :)

okay, now that i've read over what I've already written...im bored with it. HAHA.

hmmmm....oh yeah...I got this incredible raise-stipend-thingy that has motivated me beyond anything I can even explain to you!!!! WOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!

more shoes :)