02 September 2009

my bro is cra-cra

Things I'll cherish always--- Last night, I ended up taking my bro and sis to get yogurt...while, of course, rolling all the windows down and car dancing to the most random songs EVER! We were laughing our heads off about all kinds of random things. We even had the serious/not-so-serious: "Do you have anyone you're crushing on" convo. It was hysterical hearing my brother respond to what my lil' sis said. Oh, the difference between boys and girls...even at 13 and 14, they are SO different. Once we got to the yogurt place---Menchies, God Bless America---I could have just sat and watched them sample...EVERY FLAVOR...yes, every flavor. Then to see the look on my brother's face as he began to understand the concept of "mixing flavors together"...then...the toppings...hahaha. This was humorous. Of course Greg gets some sort of "non-fat sorbet" with fruit on top. Of all the people that can eat the junk and extra calories---he doesn't. I don't get it. HA.
When we get back in the car, Greg decides to roll down the windows and do a "Louisiana freeze out".....aka: its not cold in La, so it defeated the purpose of the game--just go with it. We had a car dance competition, too. I won. :)

The night was completed with me, Ceci and my mom sitting on my parents bedroom floor just laughing and talking about life.

I love it.


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