12 August 2009


I've decided that maybe instead of "sleep studies" I should work for "stare studies". I have become quite the expert on how to "stare at the computer screen while looking busy when there is absolutely nothing to do"....quite the master of this art, if I do say so myself (and I just did...so there). Also, I have noticed a complete shift in my attitude. I'm actually happy. I know that this job is not forever...thus, I'm thankful (just this once) for the word "temporary". I'm seeing the Lord actively in my life today. For instance, I just talked to him in my car for a brief moment...and instantly (not super-spiritualizing this) I felt peace...then tears...then joy.

Anyway...back to the "stare studies". I think this could work. However, I'm not really looking into doing any more "study" work. I'm thinking event planning is more my style...thank you, princessrenee!!!!

love ya, mean it. peace.

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