25 September 2009

hearing it

I had such an incredible moment this morning...I was SO VERY nervous about setting up a patient who was deaf. First off: the inevitable...he can't hear, and I don't know sign language. I mean, I can sign certain church songs (haha) but that's about it. [lets just be honest, I can talk :)]. Anyway-- I was so nervous. I mean, I knew that he probably wasnt insecure about his hearing-deficiency since he has always been deaf. However, I was insecure for him. I wanted to make sure that he knew I really did care about my job and what I was telling him...but I didn't really know how I was going to communicate that.

It's so true about what they say: A smile can say it all. From the second he came in the door, he was so joyous. He tried to talk, but just uttered sounds...then I asked him if he wanted me to write for him and he got really excited! We ended up having a really great meeting and he walked out with a huge smile on his face....I actually did it. When I shut the door behind him, tears literally started filling my eyes. I am making a difference. I do really care for these patients, and I was made so aware of that this morning.

It just broke my heart. Here was a man who looked completely normal. But truly he's never been able to hear anything. However, you would never know it.

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