02 December 2009


I can't believe that it is already December 2009.  The older I get, the quicker time flies by.  Maybe it's because I value time more...or maybe it's the season I'm in.  Now that I've actually come to a place where I am content with the status of my life...I feel like it is flying by.  So weird.  When I'm anxious and want to get to the "next step" (whatever that may mean)... I find it so hard to see a minute tick away...then, in the blink of an eye, it's December 2009. 


Well, it's cold now...finally.  And I'm able to wear appropriate clothing for this famous wintery month.  I just love it.  However, I did receive the first signs of "holiday cheer" today while I was stuck in traffic (with my dad bc I don't have a car right now...we'll get to that later).  3 simultaneous honks....like HOOOOOOOONNNNKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!! It was completely ridiculous.  All because these precious 4 elderly women were just a bit confused at the intersection.  I felt so bad for them...they were just confused.  But, it did make me feel so good when a lady got out of her car at the light in order to help them with directions.  It was precious. :) love the holidays.

Okay:  So I don't have a car right now.  Well, the AC has been out for a couple of months now...actually like 3.  And my transmission is just....off...then my car literally sits.  Yes, it sits.  As in the back of my car is all the way down to my tires if I am not driving it for a couple of hours.  Yes, it stands back up...but not until I drive it for about 5-7 minutes.  It's hysterical...but very frustrating.  Oh yea, and my "service" light has been on for awhile too...and I need an oil change.  I do believe that it is time that Ellie-May be laid to rest.  I just have such an attachment to her....she was my first vehicle. :( Anyway....so I'm out of a car until she is fixed.  My dad thinks that she will be finished tonight...good luck.

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