25 November 2009

the day before Thanksgiving

So, today is a lot of things:
1. Wednesday
2. My last day of work before the t-day holiday
3. The day before Thanksgiving
4. One month until Christmas
5. Camille is in town :)

I could go on...but I need to go back to work....bc I am getting off half of a day!!!! :)


24 November 2009


So I was just so instantly reminded of something very special that happened between me and the Lord last night.  I was completely and utterly awakened spiritually.  I was laying in my bed last night just thinking about something that I read right before I crawled beneath the warmth of my covers (a place of complete and utter "do not mess with me, I'm sleeping").  Well, I didn't even make it past the title of the devotion.  It was something along the lines of: "Being near to Him in speech, but far from the Heart".  I stopped thinking about my day, my family, friends, others, etc...and just layed there above the covers...completely unable to get into them because I was just thinking.  I felt the Lord really tugging at my soul...I was so...convicted, I guess.  That's really the only word that I can use to describe the feeling.  And honestly, it was such a special moment that I had with the Lord.  Because in the shortness of an instant, all the things that have instilled fear inside of me completely vanished.  It was like the Lord was beconing me to rise up and be "near to His heart" so that I could be the woman of God that He initially created me to be.  It was a really great moment. 

I have been too afraid to really "Get close to His heart" because I know what it means....it means me stepping out of my comfort zone into a place of total reliance on the Lord.  That's scary.  Entering into the destiny that the Lord has placed inside of you is a really frightening thought.  Just because it's a place that I've always dreamed of...

God has been constantly reminding me in the stillness of His presence that first and foremost its NOT about me.  Quite frankly, it's not even about talent.  It's all about the heart.  And if I am too scared to get into His heart fiercely, then I don't deserve it.  I'm ready for the challenge.  I'm ready to be funnelled into it. Let's go.

the week i should be off....

Only two more days until Thanksgiving (my favorite Holiday--btw)....I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am so excited about how I am going to spend the holidays this year...in the car, traveling, cooking, laughing, probably doing something really stupid and clumsy...but hey, it wouldn't be the holidays if it was normal. 

HOWEVER---I seriously do not understand why on earth I have to work until "the day before Thanksgiving". I mean, who wants a sleep study this week anyway!?!?!?!? Okay, I just answered my own question: People probably assume that since it is the holidays, its "prime-time" for any doctors visits, i.e. sleep studies, that they need to catch up on.  Well, that's just a bummer.  Granted, I'm making money...but I'd rather be sleeping/going to lunch with my siblings and everyone else who is off of work.  Just lovely.

I am complaining so much right now.  I sound like a miserable individual.  HAHA. Well, point number 1: I'm not miserable (at least I don't think I am). Point number 2: I don't really have a point #2.

Moving on.

It's currently like 10:26am right now....and I am trying to stretch out all of the things that I "have to do" in a day.  I wish so bad I didn't have to work the rest of the week.  I REALLY want to take tomorrow off....its just NOT going to happen. I can pretty much guarantee that one.  I mean, I think I might have a low-grade fever...and a cough...and my eye was twitching awhile ago...this is serious. 

AHHHH....this is when my conscious is just not my best friend at all.

19 November 2009

do I have common sense???? probably not

I really wish there would have been a camera on me this morning when I was coming down the front stairs to my house....carrying a suitcase, hanging clothes, two travel bags, my purse, and my hot coffee. Did I mention that I was wearing (hold on let me measure) 4 inch heels!?!?!? Yes, I looked all kinds of foolish!!!! Seriously.  It was hysterical.  I tried to take each step at a time----for those of you who are wondering: Why didn't you just take trips??? Well, the answer is simple.  You obviously don't know me.  I am a "one trip" girl.  Get it all in the first round! I just don't see the point on taking multiple trips when I am physically able to get it all at once.  So there.

Well, these shoes are REALLY hard to walk in.  I've already almost broken my ankle several times. 

I'm serious...my life is funny.  I have to say, I enjoy it. HAHA!

18 November 2009

alone at the office....again

Okay....Let's talk about this: Have you ever like been sooooo shocked before that you just couldn't move.  Well, true life...that JUST happened to me recently.  I have never really experienced "the not breathing for about 0.5sec" deal before.  It's really hard to "surprise me"...so I was like beyond surprised and shocked. Like legit, I stopped breathing.  For what....none of your business.  Just thought I'd share that blip of info.

Anyway, as of now.... I am spending my THIRD day in the office by myself.  No big.  It's kinda nice and quiet...however...it gets REALLY BORING when you have absolutely nothing to do. 

I have created work for myself.  Let me explain.  I was finished with all of my work for the day, lets say around...hmmm....10:30am.  So, I tried to find some type of work to do...i.e. cleaning all of the door handles, desks, keyboards, computer screens, phones...you know, swine flu. So, I'm trying to find work for me to do.  Meanwhile, everyone is out of the office....I dressed up today because I was supposed to do some "traveling" but since I am the only person who is not sick....I'm stuck here.

But at least I have my red shoes on!

11 November 2009


Today has been such a whirlwind.  Actually, I'm not really sure if that is the appropriate word for today...but I'll just go with it.  I've been "thinking" a lot...yes, very dangerous might I say.  But its been good.  I've had a lot of quality car time...you know, the typical treks to and from Slidell, Hammond, New Orleans...its been really good for me.

However, I have actually had a lot of paperwork to do...and well, thats just not my fav part of my job...so I've been kinda busy.  But not really, because I can get all this stuff done in like "point 2-5". 

I refuse to wear glasses.

Let me explain:  So, when I put glasses on...my eyes have to adjust to the magnification.  Okay, that's great...so they adjust and when I look at the computer screen, I don't have a headache.  HOWEVER...when I take the glasses off....I cant see a dang thing because my eyes have "adjusted to the magnification" so they're all screwed up and stuff. Like its terrible!!!  So, I've opted not to wear them.  But...then there is also the case that...they are readers...I should probably schedule another appt with the doc...yeah...good idea.  I think I'll act on that one.

okay...time for me to go.

09 November 2009


Soooo...apparently, there is a hurricane that is coming...its hysterical because I have totally forgotten how LA freaks out with any sudden change in the weather.  Almost all of the schools have shut down for the day, and, of course...my office is still just working away.  Typical.

However, since the weather is so "terrible", it has been super quiet...that means that I don't have anything to do.

Yes. I am just sitting here at the computer reading up on runner's world (because that seems logical?).

Oh, did I mention that Facebook has been disabled from the work computers...yes, all social networks.  Apparently they were creating some sort of cookie on the server. 

So I'm totally out of luck with everything. 

Bored to tears.