14 October 2009

a friend

There's a "friend of mine" (who shall remain nameless) who has this certain passion. An intense zeal for a gift and talent that, in the depths of her heart and soul, she longs to express out. She has shared with me that there have been serious times of "drought" where she hasn't been able to really do anything but sit on it. However, she has also experienced brief moments of immense sunlight. Times where she has been able to catch a glimpse...experience a glimpse...of what it is she feels she was created to do. But once again, she feels like she's "sitting on it". She doesn't want to waste away the gifts that she's been given, however, she also doesn't want to try and make it happen. I've shared with her the importance of "God's timing". But she knows that, yet still feels...helpless. Her biggest struggle and greatest insecurity is not being confident in her talent. She's told me (I've even seen it) about the amount of true talent around her. Undeniable talent, actually. I can see how she would feel so "small" in comparison. You know the "never being good enough" mentality. And its also hard when everyone compares everyone's talent. But everyone is different...different sounds, different strokes, different moves, different hearts. She's expressed to me how she feels that there is this "powerhouse" within her...deep within...that she can't seem to harness to let out. It once again, makes her take a look at reality...the fact that maybe she isn't that "powerhouse" she feels so deep inside of her. Maybe it's too late. But I just don't agree. I think that it's NEVER too late when it's God. Yeah, it may be a little "later than expected"...but that doesn't mean its over.
I just don't really know how to encourage her.

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  1. your act of listening to her is probably encouraging her more than you realize. sometimes that's better than anything words can say.