26 August 2009


Everyone has been soooo wonderful to me today!!! From the moment I woke up...to this very moment!!! I feel so loved. I honestly haven't felt like this is a really long time. Seriously, my bdays usually go down as "worst day ever". However, not this year. For starters, my precious family was so cute when I woke up this morning---yes, once again, I am living at home (at age 22). So---my mom made me bfast and coffee. My dad, mom, little bro and sis all ate together before I brought the youngins to escuela. My dad and brother were trying to get me out on the front porch for some reason, I of course was not cooperating. Finally, my dad gets me outside and I see three presents lined up on the porch. I squeal...literally squeal. I sit down on the porch (in a skirt) and start opening the presents... GRIFFIN!!!!! He's just too good to me. Seriously. However---there was a "frog" in one of the bags that I threw at my dad...bc I am AFRAID of them. Thanks Griffin!
Okay, so we leave the house and head to escuela. Hearing "happy birthday" from my younger brother is the sweetest thing ever! :) Then...I go to work.
Here is the funny part: So my boss texts me and asks me what I want from Starbucks. Free coffee...I'm like "nonfat toffee nut latte, please". I'm thinking to myself: How sweet, he remembers my bday." Well, I get this text about 7 minutes later saying he left his wallet, so no coffee. I was thinking "no big, what do you want? I'll get you some coffee." He's like "awesome....blah blah blah." Okay, So I go to Starbucks (making myself a tad later to work than I intended---im getting to work 1.5hrs ahead of everyone so that I can get my work done before they give me everything else to do)...in come these military guys. Picture this: Me (in a skirt-shocking, right) ordering my coffee, minding my own business...enter military men (not looking very clean and totally staring at me). I hear one of them say "go talk to her, I don't see a ring". Yes, everyone, this is my life. Creepy military dudes checking my ring finger...does great things for the esteem. HAHAHA. So I get my boss' coffee and go into work. In the meantime, I fall up the stairs into work; somehow losing a shoe. Go fig. But the coffee is safe! I get into work and my boss starts talking to me. This completely postpones my work. Lovely.
In the meantime, he tells me that I have to stay until 5pm everyday...regardless of whether I get my work done early or not (regardless of what time I get in, too). No problem. You just ruined my happy mood. Okay, so I glue on a smile.
Then...as I am telling him where my AWESOME AMAZING WONDERFUL FANTASTIC PRECIOUS boyfriend is taking me tonight he says: "what's the occasion, anniversary...?" I say...its my bday. HAHAHA. My dad's best friend/second father figure forgot my bday. Typical.
It was really funny.

Then the rest of the day was blah, as far as work goes. Other than the "frog" cookie bouquet that Griffin sent me (why frogs...i am scared of frogs, Griffin :P) and taking my bro and sis lunch...it was a day. I have loved it though. Every minute of it. Now I'm just sitting here...apparently blogging...bc I'm done with work. But, oh wait, can't leave until 5pm...bc that makes sense :)

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