18 August 2009

running shoes...

Okay, so I've entitled this one rather appropriately...let me explain. So, my day starts about 45 minutes earlier than expected due to a morning phone call from my precious mother. You see, since I live at home, it makes it less stressful for my younger siblings when they leave things that they need for school, i.e. tennis shoes (don't ask). Instead of rolling back over, in my EXTREMELY comfortable cloud I sleep on, I decided to get up and get my morning started. I thought to myself "Why don't you treat yourself to Starbucks?" AWESOME IDEA!!! Okay...so I make the trek to NCS (which is totally out of my way), but I really didn't mind. I actually felt good about helping my mom out. :) angel baby. So, I get to work...a little late because I promised myself Starbucks :) And this is where the fun begins...

The computer button that turns the screen on...does not work. As in: someone hot-glued it. No lie. This is where I work. So, I try to fix it. In the mean time, I break a nail. OUCH!!!!! I prayed after (bc I didn't think a stupid computer button was worth losing my religion over). So this puts our whole office in a pickle. 4 people are trying to do 4 different things on my computer...funny...so I literally am running all over the office trying to do all sorts of stuff...inventory...learning set ups. Then, I have to travel to the diagnostics place to learn setups...oh, the sky opens up and it starts raining. Like not "oh what a cute shower"... it was "Holy crap, it might be a hurricane!!!" So I'm driving, I get where I need to, and do what I need to. I decide that I should probably try and get back earlier to the office since we are backed up. (I'm really trying here). Well, I get to the office...and I am instructed to completely re-organize ALL of the inventory. I didn't think I would ever see the light...I felt like an endurance runner again. WHY DID I WEAR HEELS!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (once again, didn't feel like it was worth losing my religion over)

Well, now Im still trying to figure this computer thing out...all the while...still breaking my nails.

true life.

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