06 October 2009


Basically I have decided to go to grad school.

I'm really really excited about this because I feel so confident in it and ready to move forward. I can't stand the idea of complacency...I mean, stagnant water or the romantic movement of the current on the Hawaiian shores... why Hawaii? I have no clue. Just the first thing that came to me.

Anyway---It's pretty interesting the whole method that God chose to use to get me to this place. I'm really excited. Things are happening, changing, moving forward...and I'm totally okay with it...in fact, I'm SOOOO PUMPED!!!

Now, however, I am weighing my options. (gosh, I love that I have options :P) For the first time in a really long time I feel so very happy. I feel like I am where I need to be and yeah, at times its not the most secure feeling...I know it's right.

I think I could smile forever :D

Last night, it became so clear to me why Samford is just a memory...not something I really want to go back to...just a memory (a good one though). I like the future. I'm wired as a dreamer, a visionary, a planner, an activist, a driven thinker, a motivator...I'm not wired to be stuck in a place where I'm not encouraged or motivated or pushed toward anything that is greater than I can think of. I function off of reaching toward goals and dreams that, to many, seem unattainable. The past, I know, does have an impact on the future...but I'm not letting it dictate it.

I've been blessed in so many ways here at home. I can't even begin to explain it. I'm so thankful for what God has begun to do in my life. I'm thankful that He's made me appreciate everything that I have now...I've learned patience...I'm still learning patience. But everything has it's timing. Everything.


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