03 September 2009

nope, dinner is not an option

Okay...So I really am liking my job. I'm finally getting OUT of the office and into patient interaction. I really feel like I'm actually making a difference in the people's lives. It's pretty nifty. (yes, I just said "nifty"---just go with it). So, this morning I had an early patient in Slidell...yeah, ode to flippin' Slidell hahaha....When I get to the hospital, I realize that I left the office key in Mandeville. Great. So, I just make due with what I have. However...You have to understand what I'm working with: Two bedrooms that have not been cleaned yet; I'm in heels; I get to cleaning. Be everything to everyone, right? Right. After I clean the rooms, I set up my "makeshift set up room". It works. TWO police officers come into the Sleep Lab saying: Oh, sorry, just doing my rounds. HAHA. They end up staying for a little bit and chatting. I try to seem dis-interested, but you know me...I have to be nice. They end up clocking my ring finger asking me:Oh, so you're not married?
Yeah...that was funny. Praise the Lord, the front desk called for the patient. Then, I get back to the office to find that the road is blocked...there are 3 men attempting to cut down the tree in front of our office. Ummmmm....not gonna work, because we have patients coming into our office...yeah. So, of course I'm nominated to go and talk to the tree-cutters "if I feel comfortable doing it". Of course I do. Once again: HEELS people!!!!! I don't know who I thought I was, but I just waltzed up to them and asked them what they were doing...apparently I couldn't just see for myself that they were cutting down the dang tree. :) They were really kind and said that they would be more than happy to come back tomorrow morning, that way we could get our cars out (they were going to be roping off the entire road...that meant I would have been STUCK at work ALL NIGHT!!!!) HECK NO! As I was walking back up to the office, one of the guys says: "You don't have a wedding ring! Will you go to dinner with me? I'll even let you take your own car so you can feel free to leave." I start roaring with laughter. I politely decline. Lets recap: he had no teeth...and he was approximately 50years old!!!!! gross. no thank you.

yeah...that's been today's happenings :)

my life is NOT boring.

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