09 September 2009

sweet things

My greatest memories with my dad usually involve deep-conversation. Usually, we start talking about some issue or concept and he ends up imparting his wisdom on me. Last night was one of such nights. Listening to my dad and Griffin talk about things that a lot of times bring controversy to people, was a sweet moment. To have two of my three men in one room...just talking. (the third being my bro) Conversation isn't something that comes super easy to everyone...this is one reason I'm glad I'm dating a salesman :) YES.....cat's out of the bag---I like to talk. But seriously, Last night was so sweet to me.

Its in moments like that--I am reminded that there was purpose in God's silence in my past season. I am so thankful for the "wait". I couldn't be more blessed at this time in my life. Yes, things aren't completely, 100% perfect...I'm still having to exhibit faith and trust...but I am so very thankful. God has shown me humility; He has shown me the purpose behind His silence. He isn't going to leave me hanging. So, then, why did I doubt?

good question.

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