11 August 2009

still nothing....

I am STILL staring at the computer...never thought I would be so anxious to hear the beep of a fax machine...never thought I would have a blog. Guess I've just got to keep the world on its toes. You never know what I'm going to get into next...my head it full of ideas. Like for instance, I'm trying to figure out the most effective way to move out of my house in Birmingham...how on earth am I going to get the furniture down the stairs, into the UHaul (which I will be driving myself home in...5 hours...me+UHaul=holla!), yes...INTO the UHAUL! This is seriously going to need to be documented. Next idea: still not sure why my life is not a reality tv show. Sure its not that interesting. I honestly probably wouldnt even watch it myself, but nevertheless this is something Hayden and I have talked about for quite some time...still needs to happen.

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