24 August 2009

post-weekend extravaganza

yeahhhhh....so hayden surprised me with a wonderful bday trip to the BEACH this past weekend!!! I have to be honest...I was doubtful about the weather on Friday. The sky was black and the clouds were purple!!! But..I still purposed it in me to "GET TO THE BEACH"! And...I did. The weather was great on Sat and Sun. Could not have asked for better weather.

There were many-a-funny-happenings :) I'm pretty sure Movie Gallery hates me and Hayden. We basically took over the store. Hayden thought it would be a good idea to grab a "few" movies and then we could each pick what we wanted to watch. I was like: "okay, i can do that"....next thing you know...I have 2 movies...hayden legit has 24!!!!! So, instead of putting them back, we decide to drop them on the floor, spread them out, and go through them one by one. HAHAHAAHA!!! It really was pretty hysterical...bc we then sit on the nasty floor and sort through them all. yeah.

75 movies later...we pick two: the Soloist, and Rachel Getting Married

dont get me started on RGM!!!! That movie confirmed my feelings about indie flims...dont like em!

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