20 October 2009

What to NOT eat at an Airport...

Yes, this is what I do at work...in between the CRAZINESS and the BOREDOM!

I was trying to be "informed" and keep myself updated on all the current events and stuff while at work...when I stumbled upon an interesting article called:

"Your Airport Food Survival Guide"

Since I spend a lot of my time in an airport...or have at least recently...I thought it'd be very educational.  I mean, now a days everyone is concerned about their "weight" and what-not and so-forth...soooo, I read it.  Yeah...not sure if I'm glad I read it...haha.  I feel like now I'll be more "nazi-like" about what I choose to snack on whenever I'm in the airport.  Great.  Something else I CANT eat. Perfect.

Here is the link:


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