30 December 2009


So, I have a short moment to breathe....rainy rainy day.... and SOOOO much going on. So much work to do before the year ends....and it's not what I would call "exciting work". 

I wish I could plan something fun to do for New Years Eve.....I'm so out of ideas though. 

This has to be the most boring entry EVER.

oh---funny story: So it's raining...like RAINING today. Of course, I'm in and out of the car all day.  So, I'm like: no big deal, I have two umbrellas.  Lets remember that one could fit AT LEAST 6 people...the other is more appropriate.  However, that one, as I discovered early this morning, only has like 3 of the 10 hooky-prong-thingys attached.  It's hysterical!!!!

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