12 December 2011

Defining Seasons in Your Life

Confession:  I know that I have not been faithful AT ALL with blogging.  This is very apparent.  The truth is, my role at the company I work for has drastically changed!  I went from shifting papers to marketing to now basically running the business....all because someone decided to lie, cheat, manipulate, and steal. The sad part of it all is this man was my dad's best friend.     

Here is the story in short: 
        The company that I work for was started by a few men wanting to start a Sleep Study business to provide a convenient outlet for patients to have a diagnostic sleep study performed at an independent sleep facility.  Well, my father ended up financially backing the company so that these men would not go under in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  Once this company started to get on its feet, my father brought his best friend into the company as to provide him with a job (since he had already lost his first one from stealing).  My dad, in good loyal faith, gave him the opportunity of a "second chance".  Two months after my dad placed him as Manager/CEO in the company, this man began to embezzle money from the company.  This lasted for 4 years.  This past February (2011), my father received some information that prompted him to confront his best friend about him frauding the company.  The man confessed to it and then went on to steal even more money from the company until July 2011.  Even after my father extended him grace and tried to let him make things right....he continued to lie, cheat, manipulate and steal.  Finally, my father absolutely could not take it any more.  I was told of what was going on in February, but I had to continue to work there all the while knowing what this man and his wife were doing to my family.  (I forgot to mention that his wife did billing in the office)  I couldn't say ANYTHING to the office...I had to pretend that I didn't know anything.  I just had to sit back and watch this man tear up my father's heart. Not only did he steal from my parents over $1million, he stole from me and my husband (the company was to be given to us) and also to our future children. They stole part of my parent's inheritance.  And I could honestly go on and on about the methods he used and how he has created such a mess even for his children...but I will spare the details.  Well, in September, my father came into the office and fired him, finally.  I will never forget my dad crying and the words that he said to his "best friend".  I will never forget it. 
       Well, now I am running the company at age 24.  Very exciting....but even more scary.  This man has left us with more bills that he conjured up over the years.  For a few weeks, we didn't know if we would even make it with all the debt this man had created for this company.  I mean, he forged so many checks and loans that my dad knew nothing about. So now, my honesty is coming forth and we are dedicated to making this company the absolute best that it can be.  It's not easy AT ALL...but I have faith.  I know that there is so much potential for this company to be phenomenal!  It's about time that there was a healthcare provider that was honest and concerned about patient care FIRST.
       So yes, this is a very defining season in my life.  Very very difficult! But God never said this life would be easy.

I swear, this would make for a very good reality show!  Or even a comedy!

Please pray for me and my family as we continue to go through all of this.   It is federal now, so it is completely out of my families hands.