19 November 2009

do I have common sense???? probably not

I really wish there would have been a camera on me this morning when I was coming down the front stairs to my house....carrying a suitcase, hanging clothes, two travel bags, my purse, and my hot coffee. Did I mention that I was wearing (hold on let me measure) 4 inch heels!?!?!? Yes, I looked all kinds of foolish!!!! Seriously.  It was hysterical.  I tried to take each step at a time----for those of you who are wondering: Why didn't you just take trips??? Well, the answer is simple.  You obviously don't know me.  I am a "one trip" girl.  Get it all in the first round! I just don't see the point on taking multiple trips when I am physically able to get it all at once.  So there.

Well, these shoes are REALLY hard to walk in.  I've already almost broken my ankle several times. 

I'm serious...my life is funny.  I have to say, I enjoy it. HAHA!

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