20 August 2009

by golly i am important

I stole a brief moment because I just HAD to blog about the current state of my life right now. What's mildly comical to me is that I am completely NOT stressed...that might be due to the fact that as I was looking into the mirror last night, I realized: I could totally be a candidate for early onset grey hair if I let this job get to me (it doesn't even run in my family...that's how C-R-A-Z-Y this job is). So...I 've decided to just not get stressed.

Anyway--- I decided to get to work at about 7:30am because I had some re-vamping (or "vamping") of the entire computer network that this office is running on. When I got to the office, I was whisked away to a meeting that I thought would be rather casual...NOPE!!! I was meeting with the "big wigs". Totally intimidating! However, I just relaxed and listened in. It ended up being very informative... and rather intriguing (I thrive off crap like that--call me crazy). If there was ever a day where I felt like the world had no use for me, today was NOT it. I kept on getting text messages and phone calls saying: call me ASAP! I felt very important :) kinda liked it...haha. Anyway--another bad day to wear heels. I ended up having to leave the meeting early to run a TON of errands and clean up some technological problems that apparently I can solve. Apparently. Then, I was able to have a short break to run to Chicfila and grab and drink while en-route to bring my precious boyfriend (we shall call him "Michael") something he misplaced that was of mass importance. That was a nice treat.

So now, I'm back at the office waiting for "stuff" to download...contemplating whether or not I want another donut-hole.

deep thoughts...once again.

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