18 November 2009

alone at the office....again

Okay....Let's talk about this: Have you ever like been sooooo shocked before that you just couldn't move.  Well, true life...that JUST happened to me recently.  I have never really experienced "the not breathing for about 0.5sec" deal before.  It's really hard to "surprise me"...so I was like beyond surprised and shocked. Like legit, I stopped breathing.  For what....none of your business.  Just thought I'd share that blip of info.

Anyway, as of now.... I am spending my THIRD day in the office by myself.  No big.  It's kinda nice and quiet...however...it gets REALLY BORING when you have absolutely nothing to do. 

I have created work for myself.  Let me explain.  I was finished with all of my work for the day, lets say around...hmmm....10:30am.  So, I tried to find some type of work to do...i.e. cleaning all of the door handles, desks, keyboards, computer screens, phones...you know, swine flu. So, I'm trying to find work for me to do.  Meanwhile, everyone is out of the office....I dressed up today because I was supposed to do some "traveling" but since I am the only person who is not sick....I'm stuck here.

But at least I have my red shoes on!

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