11 December 2009

a new day...yet the end of the work week

I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that it is FRIDAY! This week has really been mass-chaos.  Seriously.  To the point where I haven't really been able to blog about what I want...much less blog at all. haha.  But today started a new day for me.  I am now committing to waking up at 6am every morning (minus weekends...so I guess that's not every morning, haha) to go to the gym.  My work days are getting increasingly longer with all the changes that are being made.  And the gym is my release.  My one thing where I AM selfish...my quiet time. So, I tried it out this morning:

The alarm went off at 6:00am.  I looked at the clock, flung the sheets off and rolled over.  Then, after realizing how cold it was, I laid back down, pulled the sheets back over and closed my eyes.  I told myself: "Self, let's get up at 6:15 since it's so cold....no, let's make it 6:30."  At about 6:24am I realized that it was very pointless for me to drive all the way to the gym when I wouldn't be able to do everything I wanted....so...I forced myself up, put on all sorts of warm clothing, and headed down the stairs.  Once I was in the basement working out I knew this was a good decision.  (I even put a hat on because I couldnt even bear to look at the reflection in the full-length workout mirrors of the sleep-deprived Madeleine).  I literally started laughing out loud once I started getting really serious about the morning workout.  I just stopped at one point and thought: "Is this really my life? Am I really up at 6:40 working out BEFORE work???"

Hopefully the obession won't be too overwhelming.  HAHA.  Here we go, Driven Madeleine is back in the saddle. 

Oh, Lord help us all.

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