01 September 2009

pondering moments

So I've totally had an attitude check in the past week...or couple of days...haha...about the current state of my life. Honestly, I couldn't be happier, more blessed, or thankful than where I am now. I love living at home in Mandeville...yeah, its tough to get used to it all, but my family has been more than supportive of my decisions.

It's a waiting room period. I am trusting and "standing firm" :) in where I'm at...now. If God so chooses to change the course of my life here in the not-so-distant-future, then so be it. As of now, I am working (not always so happily...haha) for this company doing---im not even sure how to explain what I do---just go with it. I plan to go to grad school. Whether its MBA, masters of "fill in the blank"...it'll be something...and it will most likely be here (La). I have fabulous people in my life that are truly motivating. I'm meeting more and more people everyday that I can sense will have some sort of lasting effect on my life, and I on theirs, in some way-shape-or form. It's all good. Really, its all good.

I don't want to live in Louisiana my whole life. Honestly, I don't think I will. I'm up for going anywhere...seriously. It's who you're with...not where you're at :)

okay, now that i've read over what I've already written...im bored with it. HAHA.

hmmmm....oh yeah...I got this incredible raise-stipend-thingy that has motivated me beyond anything I can even explain to you!!!! WOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!

more shoes :)

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