16 December 2009


Sooooo....today has started out with me laughing....and I guarantee it will end with me laughing.  Yeah, okay...It's boyfriend's bday today.  That is great for me, because I just love birthdays....however, he doesn't really like bdays, so I have been instructed to kinda "tone it down a little".  Okay, no big.  I can do that.  Well, I wake up extra early to get all of my things done: shower, gym...you know...the usual.  No problemo.  I get all dressed up because...I just LOVE birthdays.  (even if they aren't  mine). 

So I get into the car and head over to boyfriend's house...I was trying to time it all correctly because he isn't supposed to be there when I show up.  I decide to finish putting my make up on..so I'm nonchalantly applying lip gloss just crossing the Madisonville bridge (the one that opens up for boats).  Yeah, you know where this is going. As I'm halfway on the bridge, I realize that no one is following me...and no one is coming across...its just me...on the bridge...running the red light...the bridge is trying to open.  NOT EVEN KIDDING.  My mouth drops.  I'm like totally sure that I will be getting a fat ticket for that one.  Well, can't do anything about that.  I continue the bf's house.  As I almost get there...reality hits.  There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can physically carry his present out of my car by myself.  Like legit no possible way.  Plus, I'm already dressed up in my work clothes.  Good thinking, Madeleine.

Yep, I end up just doing a leisure lap around Mandeville and Madisonville...that was the morning....

So, now, I have to find out a way to be sneaky...this shall also be rather interesting.

I really do love birthdays.  Really do.

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