10 September 2009

sourkraut and processing

I can already see where today is going to go...haha. It's raining. Yes, I love the rain...a lot...but I can already tell that it's gonna be a long hard day. It's okay, I like the challenge. I'm just not exactly feeling up to parr. I've had a lot to process in the past 24 hours. NOT bad stuff...just fear that I've had to deal with. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's craziness---my life, that is. I smile at really random parts of the day--when I'm thinking too much. Like everyone in this world, I've had my own share of things to deal with. I've learned humility, the real meaning of the word "trust". I've developed and understanding of what it actually means to "believe". I know that I, Madeleine Mula, can survive...I also know that I wasn't genetically predisposed to do it alone. But, even now, in a season where I am truly happy, things pop up that I shake my head and smile...saying: haha, I knew something like this would happen eventually. The only reason I say that is because I know that the Lord has taught me how to cope; to handle; to encourage; to build up. Yeah. So, I'm saying all of this...for me I guess. haha.
Life sure is funny. There's another saying about what life is...hahahahahaha. I'll keep that one to myself :)
peace out sauerkraut---today is looking up :)

speaking of "sauerkraut"...who came up with that term!??!?! Really??? I mean...the spelling!!

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