14 December 2009


Someone once told me that there would be moments in this season of my life where I would really miss my life in Birmingham.  Things, free-time, college life in general, and most importantly the people...my friends.  And, I definitely had moments at the beginning...moments where I just really missed "my life".  Then it got better as I engrossed myself in this new season.  All the while, I was secretly suppressing all of the emotions I was truly feeling.  And now, I fully understand what that person was trying to tell me...

I miss the genuine friendships that were cultivated over 4,3,2,1 year time... the people that know the real me...my girls. 

I miss just going someplace completely random...even though I was so worn out at times, there was always someone pulling me out of the apt and getting everyone together for a night of randomness. 

I never felt like my life was wasting away.  There was always something that we did.

I miss that.  I miss doing.  I miss them.

I don't want to cry about it...it's not that I'm sad.  I truly love where I'm at.  However, I just miss my girl friends.  It's funny because I feel like I haven't been able to really be myself sometimes because 1. it's not appropriate 2. no one will really get it 3. people are sometimes really boring.

I like to have fun.  Whatever that may mean...I like to do stuff.  Sure, there is also a time for "chilling".  And, I am tired a lot bc of the full work day...but that isn't an excuse for not doing something. 

Someone also once told me that it's just a part of "growing up"...becoming a woman.  Different seasons...getting ready for LIFE. whew...that's scary.

Well, I'll take it. :)

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