28 August 2009


i need migraine medication...STAT! Like legit am having a really hard time looking at the computer screen...but I can't leave to go get medicine bc...oh yeah...I have to stay until 5. Did I mention everyone else left at 12?!?!?! Not even kidding.


26 August 2009


Everyone has been soooo wonderful to me today!!! From the moment I woke up...to this very moment!!! I feel so loved. I honestly haven't felt like this is a really long time. Seriously, my bdays usually go down as "worst day ever". However, not this year. For starters, my precious family was so cute when I woke up this morning---yes, once again, I am living at home (at age 22). So---my mom made me bfast and coffee. My dad, mom, little bro and sis all ate together before I brought the youngins to escuela. My dad and brother were trying to get me out on the front porch for some reason, I of course was not cooperating. Finally, my dad gets me outside and I see three presents lined up on the porch. I squeal...literally squeal. I sit down on the porch (in a skirt) and start opening the presents... GRIFFIN!!!!! He's just too good to me. Seriously. However---there was a "frog" in one of the bags that I threw at my dad...bc I am AFRAID of them. Thanks Griffin!
Okay, so we leave the house and head to escuela. Hearing "happy birthday" from my younger brother is the sweetest thing ever! :) Then...I go to work.
Here is the funny part: So my boss texts me and asks me what I want from Starbucks. Free coffee...I'm like "nonfat toffee nut latte, please". I'm thinking to myself: How sweet, he remembers my bday." Well, I get this text about 7 minutes later saying he left his wallet, so no coffee. I was thinking "no big, what do you want? I'll get you some coffee." He's like "awesome....blah blah blah." Okay, So I go to Starbucks (making myself a tad later to work than I intended---im getting to work 1.5hrs ahead of everyone so that I can get my work done before they give me everything else to do)...in come these military guys. Picture this: Me (in a skirt-shocking, right) ordering my coffee, minding my own business...enter military men (not looking very clean and totally staring at me). I hear one of them say "go talk to her, I don't see a ring". Yes, everyone, this is my life. Creepy military dudes checking my ring finger...does great things for the esteem. HAHAHA. So I get my boss' coffee and go into work. In the meantime, I fall up the stairs into work; somehow losing a shoe. Go fig. But the coffee is safe! I get into work and my boss starts talking to me. This completely postpones my work. Lovely.
In the meantime, he tells me that I have to stay until 5pm everyday...regardless of whether I get my work done early or not (regardless of what time I get in, too). No problem. You just ruined my happy mood. Okay, so I glue on a smile.
Then...as I am telling him where my AWESOME AMAZING WONDERFUL FANTASTIC PRECIOUS boyfriend is taking me tonight he says: "what's the occasion, anniversary...?" I say...its my bday. HAHAHA. My dad's best friend/second father figure forgot my bday. Typical.
It was really funny.

Then the rest of the day was blah, as far as work goes. Other than the "frog" cookie bouquet that Griffin sent me (why frogs...i am scared of frogs, Griffin :P) and taking my bro and sis lunch...it was a day. I have loved it though. Every minute of it. Now I'm just sitting here...apparently blogging...bc I'm done with work. But, oh wait, can't leave until 5pm...bc that makes sense :)

25 August 2009

things to consider

So, I get to work now at 7:30am because...lets just face it...im a morning person. Its really nice... I bring my brother and sister to school in the morning (getting to chat about life and high school drama), I get to drink my coffee in peace, and I have the chance to get all my "have to do" work completed before everyone comes in and asks me to do everything else. So....It works out :)

The funny point: I get here before everyone else...thinking I'll be able to leave early (since I was practically finished with work at 2:30pm)...Right before I'm about to leave, I get asked if I can stay until 5pm bc everyone HAD to leave....So...I am in the process of working a 9.5 hour day today. But I'm not really doing anything right now. I am soooooooooooooooooo bored!


24 August 2009

post-weekend extravaganza

yeahhhhh....so hayden surprised me with a wonderful bday trip to the BEACH this past weekend!!! I have to be honest...I was doubtful about the weather on Friday. The sky was black and the clouds were purple!!! But..I still purposed it in me to "GET TO THE BEACH"! And...I did. The weather was great on Sat and Sun. Could not have asked for better weather.

There were many-a-funny-happenings :) I'm pretty sure Movie Gallery hates me and Hayden. We basically took over the store. Hayden thought it would be a good idea to grab a "few" movies and then we could each pick what we wanted to watch. I was like: "okay, i can do that"....next thing you know...I have 2 movies...hayden legit has 24!!!!! So, instead of putting them back, we decide to drop them on the floor, spread them out, and go through them one by one. HAHAHAAHA!!! It really was pretty hysterical...bc we then sit on the nasty floor and sort through them all. yeah.

75 movies later...we pick two: the Soloist, and Rachel Getting Married

dont get me started on RGM!!!! That movie confirmed my feelings about indie flims...dont like em!

20 August 2009

by golly i am important

I stole a brief moment because I just HAD to blog about the current state of my life right now. What's mildly comical to me is that I am completely NOT stressed...that might be due to the fact that as I was looking into the mirror last night, I realized: I could totally be a candidate for early onset grey hair if I let this job get to me (it doesn't even run in my family...that's how C-R-A-Z-Y this job is). So...I 've decided to just not get stressed.

Anyway--- I decided to get to work at about 7:30am because I had some re-vamping (or "vamping") of the entire computer network that this office is running on. When I got to the office, I was whisked away to a meeting that I thought would be rather casual...NOPE!!! I was meeting with the "big wigs". Totally intimidating! However, I just relaxed and listened in. It ended up being very informative... and rather intriguing (I thrive off crap like that--call me crazy). If there was ever a day where I felt like the world had no use for me, today was NOT it. I kept on getting text messages and phone calls saying: call me ASAP! I felt very important :) kinda liked it...haha. Anyway--another bad day to wear heels. I ended up having to leave the meeting early to run a TON of errands and clean up some technological problems that apparently I can solve. Apparently. Then, I was able to have a short break to run to Chicfila and grab and drink while en-route to bring my precious boyfriend (we shall call him "Michael") something he misplaced that was of mass importance. That was a nice treat.

So now, I'm back at the office waiting for "stuff" to download...contemplating whether or not I want another donut-hole.

deep thoughts...once again.

19 August 2009


So thanks to Hayden Hamrick, I have been contemplating the word "fugly" all morning long...what on earth does that actually mean!??!?!? I can think of a few ways I can use the word, but its just so funny to say. BAHAHAHA.

In the meantime, I am exhausted!

18 August 2009

running shoes...

Okay, so I've entitled this one rather appropriately...let me explain. So, my day starts about 45 minutes earlier than expected due to a morning phone call from my precious mother. You see, since I live at home, it makes it less stressful for my younger siblings when they leave things that they need for school, i.e. tennis shoes (don't ask). Instead of rolling back over, in my EXTREMELY comfortable cloud I sleep on, I decided to get up and get my morning started. I thought to myself "Why don't you treat yourself to Starbucks?" AWESOME IDEA!!! Okay...so I make the trek to NCS (which is totally out of my way), but I really didn't mind. I actually felt good about helping my mom out. :) angel baby. So, I get to work...a little late because I promised myself Starbucks :) And this is where the fun begins...

The computer button that turns the screen on...does not work. As in: someone hot-glued it. No lie. This is where I work. So, I try to fix it. In the mean time, I break a nail. OUCH!!!!! I prayed after (bc I didn't think a stupid computer button was worth losing my religion over). So this puts our whole office in a pickle. 4 people are trying to do 4 different things on my computer...funny...so I literally am running all over the office trying to do all sorts of stuff...inventory...learning set ups. Then, I have to travel to the diagnostics place to learn setups...oh, the sky opens up and it starts raining. Like not "oh what a cute shower"... it was "Holy crap, it might be a hurricane!!!" So I'm driving, I get where I need to, and do what I need to. I decide that I should probably try and get back earlier to the office since we are backed up. (I'm really trying here). Well, I get to the office...and I am instructed to completely re-organize ALL of the inventory. I didn't think I would ever see the light...I felt like an endurance runner again. WHY DID I WEAR HEELS!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (once again, didn't feel like it was worth losing my religion over)

Well, now Im still trying to figure this computer thing out...all the while...still breaking my nails.

true life.

17 August 2009

post poned

i have a lot to blog about...haha...but i feel sick right now....

14 August 2009

current predicament

So I started my morning trying to figure the Uhaul situation out. Turns out I should have just done everything on my own (on Monday) instead of waiting on my parents (its now Friday). Independent-self sufficient. I'm not going to go off about that...that would be wasted breath/type/whatever...haha. Okay--back to the Uhaul. So I was originally planning on doing everything on-line. That way I didn't have to go though all kinds of trouble talking to random people on the phone. However, since it's Friday (and I needed the Uhaul today to drive to Bham) I realized I just needed to speak to the people. So I called "your friendly neighborhood Uhaul service representative"...too long of a name for me to put on a business card... ANYWAY... She was helpful, but very difficult to understand. She informed me that it would be double the price (as in over $600) for me to drive the Uhaul from Mandeville to Birmingham back to Mandeville....soooo being the economical individual I am (no need to snicker) I decided it would be in my best interest to save $300 and just drive to Bham in my mom's car, and just drive the Uhaul back by myself. I called my mom...she thought that was genius. So I make the reservation. Then I get Billy-Bob from the Uhaul in Bham to call me. He said that the only truck he has available is at 4pm!!!! I couldn't believe it. Then, I was a woman on a mission. I tried EVERY Uhaul place in Bham and the surrounding area...other renting truck companies...nothing. I was just really aggravated bc my whole weekend was thrown off.

okay, so finally (after much deliberation) I decided to fly to Bham tom morning and get the Uhaul at 4pm...to in turn load it up with all my stuff...to then drive back that same night...to unload. yeah...that should be super interesting. At least I saved money...and gas :)

so that's kind of where my day has been... and gone. Looking so forward to working out tonight, and then CRASHING in front of the TV. I'm going to act out R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N.

change of plans

okay...so uhauling is postponed until tom morning....long story... BUT, my mother has opted to travel with me. THIS shall be hysterical!!!!


Today is Friday. And this means....IM GOING TO BIRMINGHAM!!!!! And yes, I'm driving a UHAUL... more to come...more to come...

13 August 2009


"Words communicate and explain. We can tell people that we love them. We can explain how precious they are to us. Actions validate and confirm. When we sacrifice our preferences for another, we show our respect and affection. When we sacrifice ourselves, our wishes, and our preferences for a friend, we give the greatest of all gifts and prove our love beyond any doubt."

I read this today and loved it. Thought I'd share...not that I'm "sharing" with anyone but myself...haha...I highly doubt anyone is reading this :)

Thoughts: I think I'm a "words of affirmation" person...slash "quality time".... I like spending time with people I care about. I like talking to people I care about. And I like doing things for people I care about. But the hard part is: I never know if what I'm doing is being welcomed or not...so I guess that's where the "words of affirmation" come in...I dunno....


Does anyone appreciate coffee as much as I do? I mean... I seriously love this stuff... I wake up extra early just to make it. I go to bed excited about what flavors I'm going to mix. But the best thing about coffee...is the savor of the flavor! :) I am officially the corniest person I know!!! With the exception of a certain someone who we shall call "Michael" or "Jethro" depending on which personality we are referring to. haha.

Back to coffee--I really like to make coffee for other people...but being at home, either my parents have already left for work or don't want any...I miss making it for people...i.e. Hayden :(

12 August 2009


I've decided that maybe instead of "sleep studies" I should work for "stare studies". I have become quite the expert on how to "stare at the computer screen while looking busy when there is absolutely nothing to do"....quite the master of this art, if I do say so myself (and I just did...so there). Also, I have noticed a complete shift in my attitude. I'm actually happy. I know that this job is not forever...thus, I'm thankful (just this once) for the word "temporary". I'm seeing the Lord actively in my life today. For instance, I just talked to him in my car for a brief moment...and instantly (not super-spiritualizing this) I felt peace...then tears...then joy.

Anyway...back to the "stare studies". I think this could work. However, I'm not really looking into doing any more "study" work. I'm thinking event planning is more my style...thank you, princessrenee!!!!

love ya, mean it. peace.

new day

Today is a new day....well that was a dumb statement...because...nevermind, I'm not going to be that "over-dramatic/analytical/emotional" blogger that tries to make sense of senseless things. Okay, now that's out in the open. I have officially decided to change my attitude about my current occupational situation. I am being optimistic because I have so much to be thankful for. Obviously the Lord has been so faithful. I mean, I actually have a job...which allows me to have the time I need to figure out what it is I really want to do with this life I've been given. Already, I feel like somethin's a brewin' :) Can't wait to see where God takes this....AHHHH....secrets, I just love them!

So, I'm trying to be happy today. I mean, I am happy today. I can't wait to make my gym membership permanent!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!! I look so forward to working out.... call me crazy.

11 August 2009


never thought I'd say this...but I'm actually about to cry....UGH!

still nothing....

I am STILL staring at the computer...never thought I would be so anxious to hear the beep of a fax machine...never thought I would have a blog. Guess I've just got to keep the world on its toes. You never know what I'm going to get into next...my head it full of ideas. Like for instance, I'm trying to figure out the most effective way to move out of my house in Birmingham...how on earth am I going to get the furniture down the stairs, into the UHaul (which I will be driving myself home in...5 hours...me+UHaul=holla!), yes...INTO the UHAUL! This is seriously going to need to be documented. Next idea: still not sure why my life is not a reality tv show. Sure its not that interesting. I honestly probably wouldnt even watch it myself, but nevertheless this is something Hayden and I have talked about for quite some time...still needs to happen.


I have decided that I am going to put my Samford degree to the test! I am currently trying to get all of the figures straight to teleport myself someplace...maybe Birmingham since that is where my mom and sisters are currently (for the day, mind you)... or the beach...or Ireland. I don't know. That is of minor importance right now. However, since I do have a full-time job that I AM committed to, I will also have to design a hologram. THIS is where it gets tricky. I'm not a 2-D person...AT ALL. So...this is difficult. If anyone has been successful in this please contact me ASAP!

first one...here goes...

I would assume that normally in a "virgin blogger's" first post one would probably start discussing the question: what is a blog? or they would dive into something really over-dramatic and emotional....not me. Even though I have not the slightest clue as to what a "blog" is. I'm just going with it. So...for my first "thoughtful post".... I guess I could prepare everyone for the amount of craziness you are about to get into. My life. Especially since I do so much now. HAHA. So, I will blog about what goes on in the day-to-day routine of me. Like: almost getting attacked by killer snakes while trying to be a good Samaritan and walk the blasted dog (which saved my life, btw); or falling down the stairs while holding a cup of hot coffee (thus having to change before work). It's these type of crazy happenings that make up the life of me. So...I'm not promising anything over-entertaining 24/7. Sometimes there isn't too much to my life, but...I am promising you will occasionally laugh. You may even pee a little. Just go for it.

over and out...posting one.