30 December 2009


So, I have a short moment to breathe....rainy rainy day.... and SOOOO much going on. So much work to do before the year ends....and it's not what I would call "exciting work". 

I wish I could plan something fun to do for New Years Eve.....I'm so out of ideas though. 

This has to be the most boring entry EVER.

oh---funny story: So it's raining...like RAINING today. Of course, I'm in and out of the car all day.  So, I'm like: no big deal, I have two umbrellas.  Lets remember that one could fit AT LEAST 6 people...the other is more appropriate.  However, that one, as I discovered early this morning, only has like 3 of the 10 hooky-prong-thingys attached.  It's hysterical!!!!

22 December 2009


Oh my gosh, I love Christmas!!! I just love this time of year.  Besides the fact that it means I need to workout extra hard during the day...it's pretty much relaxing.   AHHH, I just love it.

Last night Griffin took the three "Mula Girls" to New Orleans.  We went to take part in "Miracle of Fulton Street"....I have to pause for a moment and confess that even though I have basically grown up here, I have  never ever ever been to Fulton Street for Christmas!!!! I kinda feel like I was jipped as a kid.  (is that how you spell "jipped"???)  Even though, at 22 I really enjoyed myself (for the brevity that Fulton Street is), it would have been so magical as a child.  I mean...Santa is there...his candy shop...his mailbox...his winterwonderland (for what it's worth in La)...its like the North Pole came to Louisiana for a night. haha.

Anyway, we went to that...then walked down to Cafe DuMonde for beignets and coffe :) YUUUMMM. Oh, I failed to mention that we stopped in a few shops on our way :) THAT was fun!!!!

Camille made me try on this sassy little red number....and when I say "sassy" I totally mean "sassy".  Lets remember that I was already wearing black boots under my jeans...so with the red dress and the black leather boots...yeah...I looked like I belonged in the French Quarter.  It was hysterical.  Needless to say, I DID NOT get the dress. haha.

The evening was capped with "As Long as You're Mine" being blarred and sung by yours truly and Griffatron (as Ceci "Cecalonica and the Church Thereof" calls him). 

Oh...I can't forget the intense wrestling ft. Greg and Griffin.  It is always so funny to watch them wrestle....hahaha...

Needless to say: Christmas is FRIDAY!

16 December 2009


Sooooo....today has started out with me laughing....and I guarantee it will end with me laughing.  Yeah, okay...It's boyfriend's bday today.  That is great for me, because I just love birthdays....however, he doesn't really like bdays, so I have been instructed to kinda "tone it down a little".  Okay, no big.  I can do that.  Well, I wake up extra early to get all of my things done: shower, gym...you know...the usual.  No problemo.  I get all dressed up because...I just LOVE birthdays.  (even if they aren't  mine). 

So I get into the car and head over to boyfriend's house...I was trying to time it all correctly because he isn't supposed to be there when I show up.  I decide to finish putting my make up on..so I'm nonchalantly applying lip gloss just crossing the Madisonville bridge (the one that opens up for boats).  Yeah, you know where this is going. As I'm halfway on the bridge, I realize that no one is following me...and no one is coming across...its just me...on the bridge...running the red light...the bridge is trying to open.  NOT EVEN KIDDING.  My mouth drops.  I'm like totally sure that I will be getting a fat ticket for that one.  Well, can't do anything about that.  I continue the bf's house.  As I almost get there...reality hits.  There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can physically carry his present out of my car by myself.  Like legit no possible way.  Plus, I'm already dressed up in my work clothes.  Good thinking, Madeleine.

Yep, I end up just doing a leisure lap around Mandeville and Madisonville...that was the morning....

So, now, I have to find out a way to be sneaky...this shall also be rather interesting.

I really do love birthdays.  Really do.

14 December 2009


Someone once told me that there would be moments in this season of my life where I would really miss my life in Birmingham.  Things, free-time, college life in general, and most importantly the people...my friends.  And, I definitely had moments at the beginning...moments where I just really missed "my life".  Then it got better as I engrossed myself in this new season.  All the while, I was secretly suppressing all of the emotions I was truly feeling.  And now, I fully understand what that person was trying to tell me...

I miss the genuine friendships that were cultivated over 4,3,2,1 year time... the people that know the real me...my girls. 

I miss just going someplace completely random...even though I was so worn out at times, there was always someone pulling me out of the apt and getting everyone together for a night of randomness. 

I never felt like my life was wasting away.  There was always something that we did.

I miss that.  I miss doing.  I miss them.

I don't want to cry about it...it's not that I'm sad.  I truly love where I'm at.  However, I just miss my girl friends.  It's funny because I feel like I haven't been able to really be myself sometimes because 1. it's not appropriate 2. no one will really get it 3. people are sometimes really boring.

I like to have fun.  Whatever that may mean...I like to do stuff.  Sure, there is also a time for "chilling".  And, I am tired a lot bc of the full work day...but that isn't an excuse for not doing something. 

Someone also once told me that it's just a part of "growing up"...becoming a woman.  Different seasons...getting ready for LIFE. whew...that's scary.

Well, I'll take it. :)

bible study

I really want to get plugged into a bible study.  Like really bad.  I miss it.  I've been trying to challenge myself with doing another bible study on my own, but there is something about learning with other people that may/may not be on the same page as you.  You learn a grow...there's a development that takes place...a supernatural growth that is so empowering and altogether encouraging. 

I just need to search out the right fit.

deep thougths...haha


The correct answer to the question that everyone is wondering is "NO".  I did not get up at 6am this morning to go to the gym.  I'm just not even going to try and justify it.  It was rainy...I was tired...the only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the fact that I HAD to go to work today.

Tomorrow is a new day though.  Yeah...geez, I'm gonna really really try hard to go tomorrow.

I'm really happy that I only have about 3 more hours here at work.  It's sad that I look forward to leaving the office.  It's just terrible weather, and I have somethings that I need to get done in preparation for the events of the week. I probably could have done some of the stuff this weekend...but it was too rainy to even think about getting stuff together...

Question:  Have you ever had a great idea in your head to do for someone, but you stop and think about it and realize that it might just be great to you?

Well...I've recently been hit with alarming case of that.  I have a really great idea.  In fact, I've been thinking about it for quite sometime...but I just realized that it might not really be all that great.  I'm trying to think of the other person's wishes, thus I'm confused.  How lovely.

Birthdays are extremely stressful, at times.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm being dramatic. (so I've been told)

11 December 2009

a new day...yet the end of the work week

I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that it is FRIDAY! This week has really been mass-chaos.  Seriously.  To the point where I haven't really been able to blog about what I want...much less blog at all. haha.  But today started a new day for me.  I am now committing to waking up at 6am every morning (minus weekends...so I guess that's not every morning, haha) to go to the gym.  My work days are getting increasingly longer with all the changes that are being made.  And the gym is my release.  My one thing where I AM selfish...my quiet time. So, I tried it out this morning:

The alarm went off at 6:00am.  I looked at the clock, flung the sheets off and rolled over.  Then, after realizing how cold it was, I laid back down, pulled the sheets back over and closed my eyes.  I told myself: "Self, let's get up at 6:15 since it's so cold....no, let's make it 6:30."  At about 6:24am I realized that it was very pointless for me to drive all the way to the gym when I wouldn't be able to do everything I wanted....so...I forced myself up, put on all sorts of warm clothing, and headed down the stairs.  Once I was in the basement working out I knew this was a good decision.  (I even put a hat on because I couldnt even bear to look at the reflection in the full-length workout mirrors of the sleep-deprived Madeleine).  I literally started laughing out loud once I started getting really serious about the morning workout.  I just stopped at one point and thought: "Is this really my life? Am I really up at 6:40 working out BEFORE work???"

Hopefully the obession won't be too overwhelming.  HAHA.  Here we go, Driven Madeleine is back in the saddle. 

Oh, Lord help us all.

09 December 2009

iron (Fe)

so.... i'm pretty sure i need to start taking vitamins.  I used to be so very good about taking them, then I sort-of-kinda-accidently took them without eating before hand...yaaahhh---GAME OVER. I swore them off bc I was so deathly nauseated.

Well, it's time that I start taking them again because I am just way too tired everyday. 

Kind of like today.  WORN SLAP OUT!

The only part of my day I look forward to is working out because I actually feel energized.


not really sure why I titled this "iron (Fe)"

07 December 2009

again, a blog about nothing

Soooo...I'm stuck here at work with nothing to do until 5pm.  Yeah.  No big deal.

I'm so very bored right now, I just can't even think straight.  I have already looked up so much crap on-line, and I've even tried to organize  my planner for the 2010 year that is quickly approaching us.  I would make an attempt to go to all the labs just to get out of the office, however: when I get into my car, I almost fall asleep.  (Yes, thank you migraine).

I'm trying to think of something interesting to talk about...but nothing is really coming to mind.  I'm pretty much brain dead.

I could talk about where I am in life, but I just don't really feel like it.  So, I'm not going to.  Basically, this is a blog about nothing...that's it.  Nothing.

I think I'm going to make a list of things I want to do soon....I've been talking about these things for awhile, so I might as well write/type them out.

Maybe some of these things are ambitions...some of them are dreams...I guess its a list of just stuff I want to do.

Here I go:
1.  Snow skiing (I miss it)
2.  Disney World (I feel like everyone is going these days...and it's been awhile.)
3.  Europe (I really miss everything about being overseas and in Europe.  I was created for that culture.  I've never been more inspired or felt so comfortable in a place other than my home.)
4.  The Beach--miss being on the water...just walking the shore...ahhh I just love taking it all in and being inspired in that "beach-y sort of way"
5.  Birmingham-- I miss my friends there.  Sometimes I feel like we've lost touch :(
6.  New York-- I'm ready to go back and take on the Big Apple once again...shopping would be fun too :)
7.  Maine--yeah...never been...would like to soon, though
8. North/South Carolina--I have a feeling I would really like Charleston...and I've been to parts of NC and loved it.  I guess I could see myself living there one day...maybe.  Who knows.
9.  Tahiti/Polynesian Islands--I did a report of the Poly Islands and just fell in love with it. I'd love to go one day :)
10.  Australia---yeah.

Basically, I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!! I seriously could make a hobby of it.  I've been so blessed to be able to since I was young and haven't stopped yet.  I don't exactly like road trips...unless they are with a bunch of crazy - fun friends...then I don't mind them. Otherwise, plane ticket for me!

Oooohhhh.... I really want to go on a cruise soon.  Well, we're going in the summer....so I guess that counts :) I love being on the water and in a boat. Just love it.

Anywaaaayyyy---this was boring, I'm sure of it.

i like to talk

All of a sudden, I have really been "not-so-at-ease" with where I am "professionally" in life.  I really really want to go back to school.  For what, I'm not exactly sure.  I think I know...but not really.  This is a big step for me...and I'm kinda nervous.  I know what I'm good at and what I really feel I'd be enjoy doing for the rest of my life, but that would mean me having to "settle into that".  I'm not really set on where I'm supposed to be living (in the future).  I'm truly enjoying living at home right now...I mean, I may never get this quality time with my parents and siblings again...and that's sad, scary, ahhhhhhh!!!! So, as people have encouraged me to do, I am really enjoying this season...the right now...of my life. 

However, I'm uneasy.  I'm a dreamer--a visionary--a promoter--a doer.  I don't like to "just stop".  I'm talking about my job.

I'm ready to move onward.  Whether it means going back to school...starting a company...studying for entrance tests...I'm not sure...but I'm ready to put my mind to something and move forward to accomplish it.  I think what is also stirring this up: it's finals time for colleges and universities.  I miss studying.  I know...I'm a nerd. Deal with it.  But I like learning.  I like challenging myself.  I miss engrossing myself in a topic and having intelligent conversations...that usually lead to complete laughter on an issue that is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. But I like that.

I think one of my absolute favorite things to do with Griffin is talk.  I just love conversing with someone about life. Whatever it is.  I just really really enjoy it.  And the best part about it: its not always serious.  I LOVE THAT!!!!! There's a time and place for it, and I welcome it when it comes...but I also love the "not-so-serious" part too.

02 December 2009


I can't believe that it is already December 2009.  The older I get, the quicker time flies by.  Maybe it's because I value time more...or maybe it's the season I'm in.  Now that I've actually come to a place where I am content with the status of my life...I feel like it is flying by.  So weird.  When I'm anxious and want to get to the "next step" (whatever that may mean)... I find it so hard to see a minute tick away...then, in the blink of an eye, it's December 2009. 


Well, it's cold now...finally.  And I'm able to wear appropriate clothing for this famous wintery month.  I just love it.  However, I did receive the first signs of "holiday cheer" today while I was stuck in traffic (with my dad bc I don't have a car right now...we'll get to that later).  3 simultaneous honks....like HOOOOOOOONNNNKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!! It was completely ridiculous.  All because these precious 4 elderly women were just a bit confused at the intersection.  I felt so bad for them...they were just confused.  But, it did make me feel so good when a lady got out of her car at the light in order to help them with directions.  It was precious. :) love the holidays.

Okay:  So I don't have a car right now.  Well, the AC has been out for a couple of months now...actually like 3.  And my transmission is just....off...then my car literally sits.  Yes, it sits.  As in the back of my car is all the way down to my tires if I am not driving it for a couple of hours.  Yes, it stands back up...but not until I drive it for about 5-7 minutes.  It's hysterical...but very frustrating.  Oh yea, and my "service" light has been on for awhile too...and I need an oil change.  I do believe that it is time that Ellie-May be laid to rest.  I just have such an attachment to her....she was my first vehicle. :( Anyway....so I'm out of a car until she is fixed.  My dad thinks that she will be finished tonight...good luck.

01 December 2009

cold :) yes!!!!

So, it's cold outside :)

I absolutely love the cold weather.  I was actually able to break out the peacoat (my white one too) :D.  It makes me so happy to be able to wear boots, a turtleneck, vest, peacoat, gloves...AHHH I love it.  You know what else I love....going into Starbucks where they already know what I'm going to order and how to spell my name correctly.  (sigh) I just love the holidays.  Seriously.  I just think it's so wonderful, these next few weeks, where yes, things are crazy, but they are also just so merry.  I know that some people think that the "holiday season" is way too stressful, but me...I like it.  All the hustle and bustle...constant sound of Christmas music...the overall genuine giving spirit that eludes most people.  I just love it.  Oh yeah...and the "cold weather".  I really think that I function better when it's cold outside. First off, I'm not worried about looking like a sweating pig.  Second, I feel so much more put together.  I can actually look presentable with my hair just thrown up...bc its not frizzola-esc.

Anyway.  So I guess those are my deep thoughts on the current weather.