04 January 2010

life as a story

So, I've subscribed to John Eldrege's "Daily Readings" email a few months ago.  At first, I was super excited about it and literally was not satisfied with just one "nugget" a day.  I wanted more.  Then, as time went on....my inbox was filling up and I began to slowly not read them as consistently as I used to.  (That's so typical of things like that) Well, I started getting back into the swing of it last week.  This morning, however, it was so "right on".  I read 3 entries that I hadn't read before and they were all so intrinsicly worded that I just had to share. 

Our Lives Are Stories
If you want to get to know someone, you need to know their story. Their life is a story. It, too, has a past and a future. It, too, unfolds in a series of scenes over the course of time. Why is Grandfather so silent? Why does he drink too much? Well, let me tell you. There was a terrible battle in World War II, in the South Pacific, on an island called Okinawa. Tens of thousands of American men died or were wounded there; some of them were your grandfather’s best friends. He was there, too, and saw things he has never been able to forget.
“But in order to make you understand,” explained novelist Virginia Woolf, “to give you my life, I must tell you a story.”

I expect all of us, at one time or another, in an attempt to understand our lives or discover what we ought to do, have gone to someone else with our stories. This is not merely the province of psychotherapists and priests, but of any good friend. “Tell me what happened. Tell me your story, and I’ll try to help you make some sense of it.”
We humans share these lingering questions: “Who am I really? Why am I here? Where will I find life? What does God want of me?” The answers to these questions seem to come only when we know the rest of the story.
As Neo said in The Matrix Reloaded, “I just wish I knew what I am supposed to do.” If life is a story, what is the plot? What is your role to play? It would be good to know that, wouldn’t it? What is this all about?

I just absolutely loved what that entry was talking about.  It brought a new perspective to my eyes.  This year, since it is a new year...is all about PERSPECTIVE.

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