08 June 2010

"Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline" rev 3:19

"God tries our faith so that we may try His faithfulness" -Anonymous

I read this morning about the refiner's fire.  A concept that I know of well, and a topic that I've heard again and again was completely brought to a whole new light.  It's funny how when you are walking through something personal, a verse you've read before just jumps out at you at the opportune time.  I kinda like it :)  But today, in particular, I was kinda broadsided with the reality to the meaning of a prayer I've been praying lately. 

"To know Christ better, to have a deeper fellowship with Him, and to be more diligent in His work" is something that I have over and over again asked God to strengthen me in.  What I didn't realize:  in praying this...I'm actually begging to be put back into the "training camp" of His kingdom :).... of course....  But should I stop praying it??? No! Not a single person who God has been used mightily has avoided the difficult developoing of their character.... Sure, at first they might not have realized it as that....but once they got broadsided with reality....it made it easier knowing that the Lord was totally in it. 

I guess that is what I need to keep telling myself.  Even admist the pieces of me that are still searching for answers to "what am I supposed to do with what You've given me", I can still find solice in knowing that the Lord IS with me through it all.  And apparently I need to learn something valuable through getting to where I'm going.  In the end, it's not about me at all....

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