14 June 2010

the author in me

If I could write a book, I would.  I mean, not based on my life...but kinda...and it would be in the catagory of FICTION/COMEDY....because I would, of course, change the names to all the people. 

Why am I talking about this??? I'm not really sure.  I honestly don't have that great of an answer for ya, but I do know that I seriously have been contemplating it for awhile.  I just dont know exactly what it takes to "write a novel".  Maybe if I go into Barnes and Noble, I'll find something along the lines of "The Idiots Guide to Being an Author".  Maybe I'll go searching tomorrow.....

Well, let me just explain to you WHY my life could be a novel....I mean, because it would include chapters like this:

       What seemed like pure luck, perfect timing, and the beginnings of an unforgettable night, only turned out to be one of those experiences where you choose to laugh emphatically for fear you may never stop crying. 
        The tall, charming, and handsome beau was on his way to claim the love of his life.  He had all intentions of making tonight so very memorable; so very perfect.  What he didn't expect was the sight of his soon-to-be bride curled up on the floor of the bathroom, wrenching at the pipes under the sink, with tears pouring down her face.  As he was beginning to hear his heart pounding out of his chest in one quick moment, he quickly rushes to her side to console her and try and understand what was going on.  Between sighs, gasps, and tearstained eyes she finally musters out something about losing her ring.  Yes, her engagement ring......

Okay....so that would be the beginning of the chapter.  It would be a long chapter...since Friday was a LONG night!!!


Okay, here is what happened.  I decided that I wanted to clean my ring.  My boss had let me off of work 3 hours early, so I was really looking forward to what the night had to hold.  All I knew was that Griffin was suprising me tonight, and then we were going to go and hang out with friends at the Ritz.  Well, I told myself that I "was not going to leave the bathroom until that ring was back on my finger".  The last thing I remembered was putting the ring on and admiring what a fine job I did with cleaning it.  From that point forward I just remember putting on my perfume, finishing touches on my makeup and my jewelry.  Then I looked in the mirror (I actually felt pretty), then I looked at my hand...WIGGED OUT!!!! It was like it was a terrible joke...or a nightmare.  Because at that point, I was tearing my room apart.  I looked at the time and realized that Griffin would be at my house in less than 10 minutes. I HAD to find the ring before he got there.  What on earth was I going to do???  I all of a sudden had an idea (a crazy idea) that it was in the sink.  So, without thinking (or turning the water off), I proceed to unscrew the pipes under the sink.  This is where Griffin finds me: on my knees, crying crying crying, all dressed up, shaking...freaking out!!! He was like: "What on earth is wrong??" So I tell him...I'm like shaking uncontrollably.  It was really sweet because he then just cups my face and tells me to start from the beginning.  All I could do was listen. :)  As I'm verbally and mentally walking through everything I was doing...I suddenly realize that I had taken my ring off to put lotion on my legs....because I didn't want to mess up my newly cleaned ring....hahahaahahahahahahahahaaaaa.

Then, I get treated like a princess.  Seriously...my fiance is amazing.  (and that's not even a good enough word).

Towards the end of the night...all we wanted to do was get across the causeway....we get a flat tire in NEW ORLEANS...we were stuck on the side of the road from 1:00am to 3:30am.  We did not get home until 4:10am.  Yes, this is true.  and all because of a tire.

That is the synopsis....

love my life :)

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