03 June 2010

and now this....

Soooo Day 2 of being back from an extended weekend of vaca at the beach...well, lets just say I HAVE NOT STOPPED! It's been "go go go" from the moment I woke up.  When I instantaneously popped awake about 5 minutes before my alarm
(don't you hate that---not that 5 minutes really makes all that much difference in yoyur REM cycle), I just could not bear the thought of starting the work day.  Literally, the ONLY thing that got me up was the sheer fact that I could look forward to the work day ending.  ugh.

Well, I got to the office---dragging my feet---and was met with this and that and these and those....Let me lay it out for you:

-Arrive at office BEFORE 8:00am
-Fix all necessary paperwork/prepare all devices for patient set up BEFORE 8:30AM for the set up at 10:00am in ANOTHER CITY.
-Leave office at 8:30am just to notice that I need gas and have to run a company errand BEFORE getting to the set up.
-Finally get to the location.
-Need to go over all the paperwork/re-prepare all the devices/lay out the payment plans for the patients/socialize with the office
-Set up #1 begins....what should take only 15 minutes turns into 1 HOUR.
-The next patient is about 30 minutes late....which makes me unable to do a favor for my mother which in turn becomes "my fault"...yeah.
-Run another company errand---meaning "getting my boss' watch fixed" (in the meantime I get my ring cleaned :)
-Quickly go home to make a sandwich and SIT DOWN....I almost didn't get up.
-Head back to the office only to have a STACK of work to do....did I tell you I'm really not an office person....yeah....

So now, I'm sitting at my desk because I just cannot crunch numbers/organize/input data anymore!!!!! And I look down.....I see that the heel of my shoe (you know that rubbery thing that makes the "heel" of the point) fell off..... hahahahaa. This is true.

So..... I had to vent.


That felt better :)

So, now I will go into an office meeting where I am sure I will have more work to do when I leave it.  So....here we go.

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