28 June 2010

the basic story

Okay, before I get started...let me just go ahead and say what you're probably already thinking....I'm a hopeless romantic.  Yes...I am.  But I don't usually just sit contemplating love and romance 24/7.  There actually is something that usually spurs it on....like for instance: Josh Groban and cloudy days.  AHHHHH!!!!  Can I just tell you how mellow I am right now???? Super-duper-mellow-maddi.  Not. Even. Kidding.  I was going across the causeway towards the city when I just decided I was sick of listening to whatever was on the radio...so I put Mr. Groban on.  OH MY!!! First off, have I told you that my fiance can sing? And have I told you that his pitch is strangely similar to the famous Groban???? Well, it is true :) lucky me!!!! (and yes, I DO know what I am talking about---he sang "You Raise Me Up" at church this weekend....my dad cried....so you know he's legit....it's normal if I cry)  But anyway....I put Josh Groban in and just could not let myself merely listen to him on the suggested 70% volume level...he was pretty much creeping towards 90%.  I just could not stop smiling.  The sky was perfect, too.  There were SO many cumulous clouds in the sky; patches of grey; patches of bright blue.  Perfect.  And I then started to think about love...and I started to think about how much I love Griffin.  I also started to think about the very first time I saw "him".....

Normally, I would keep this super private....but I just have to share a little bit of "The Story".  I was actually the first person to notice Griffin (shocking...he's 6'3") but really....it was actually about 2 years before we even met.  He was singing on stage at church---and I couldn't take my eyes off of him.  He looked older, and at that point in my life I wasn't really thinking about dating, so I assured myself he was one of those guys that either didnt wear his wedding ring (stupid), or he was engaged/in a serious relationship.  In my head, there was absolutely no way that he was single (let alone would be interested in me).  And the strangest thing about it: he had a very close resemblence to "the guy" in my head that I pictured in my imagination whenever I would read romance novels....I know this sounds silly, but I can't even really explain to you what happened in my heart---just that first time.  It was like I had found him...and he existed.  And truly, that's all I needed to know.  He existed--regardless of whether or not we ever met--the Lord actually created this perfect specimen that I had dreamed about.  ANYWAY--- during worship, I would glance up every now and then and just look at him.  I know I had this weird questioning face because it was like a dream or one of those moments in the movies or books you read, that you know aren't real.  TOTAL OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE!!! I remember going home that night and journalling.  I remember I saved one line to say: "So I saw a guy today on stage...looks just like "him"...really strange feeling..."  Yeah....so as time is going by (I'm still in college), I see him every once in awhile when I am at church at home.  And EVERY single time that I see him my heart does this flippy-floppy thing.  I seriously cannot explain it. 

so anyway...that's the first time I met Griffin.... and that's the basic story :)

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