16 June 2010

not sure why i wrote this...haha

I'm not exactly sure what I'm trying to accomplish through today's entry....but I just felt compelled to blog....Not exaclty sure why...but I just do.....

Lately I've been a journaling fiend.  I usually am pretty consistent with journaling...but lately its been about everyday.  Normally, it's about 3or4 times a week.  I guess there has just been quite a lot of things that have been going on that I have felt compelled to talk about.  My journal is more like every single inner thought or feeling that I cannot really explain.  There are various writing styles throughout the pages of my journal: pictures, prayers, conversations, emotional rampages (haha), songs... I'm pretty sure it should be burned when I die...I mean, who would seriously want to bother themselves (and waste their time) with the petty things that clog my brain.  A lot of times it is an outlet...other times, it is merely an expression; a way that I can communicate what I actually intended to say from the start....but guess what...no one reads it, so it once again remains...not communicated...secretive almost. 

Well, it's been good for me to get out everything on the pages...but I'm a big "communication" person, so I've been thinking that maybe some of the things that I have been writing in my journal need to be talked out with someone else.  Its not bad stuff.  It's just that the journal can't exactly talk back, soooo you get what I'm saying.  I need to just talk some things out (personal goals and stuff) that have just been plaguing my head and heart....

okayy....this was a ridiculous post...sorry you had to read that


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  1. I love this "ridiculous" blog. Sometimes the ridiculous ones are the most honest. and really the best ones too. I often refer to my journal as "vomit of the heart" yeah...i know. Graceful. What can I say...ppl should pay me for my title. Haha. I'm always free to have a lil vomit of the heart session and divulge those sweet pages of a journal! It's so refreshing and cleansing I think when we can really share with those we really love! Love you sweet friend!!! ~renee hall