29 June 2010


In the car today I started day dreaming about my wedding day (because the reality hit me that it's 4 months away!!!!), and I laughed out loud when I envisioned myself falling flat on my face after they "pronounce you mr. and mrs. william griffin lewis"....literally, I saw myself falling!!! I started laughing and almost got nervous because that could TOTALLY happen!!! And it really wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.... haha.

So---new news :) We are getting granite put into the bathrooms on THURSDAY!!!! I cannot wait!!! I'm so excited! What does that mean??? We have to pick out sinks and faucets and fixtures :)  I am sooo excited! And in honor of one of our favorite shoes (Cougar Town) I'm thinking a "bathroom warming party" will be a necessity!  AHHHH!!!! Who would have thought I'd be so excited about SINKS?!?!?!?!?!

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