23 June 2010

completely random "self-interview"

I feel all worlds of sick right now.  My stomach will absolutely NOT settle down!!! Nevertheless, I'm still here at work because it is better than being in the chaos of my family home on a Wednesday..... You see, I've pretty much got it down to a science.  There are certain days (and times) that I will find complete rest and peace in my family home....however, there are also certain days and times where I should NOT even consider the option.  I come from a family of 2 hard working parents, 4 kids, 3 dogs (now 2) and 1 cat (princess---poor dear).  It is CHAOS at the max the majority of the time.  Honestly, I like it.  I've never really known any different---until being afforded the opportunity to live on my own for a time....that's when I realized how much I really enjoyed my own space and the quaint solitude I was afforded in the morning and during my lunch break.  I've been learning to treasure these moments because its approaching the time when I will be on my own, and the craziness will be a short distance away. :)

Now, since I am ever increasingly bored right now....I think I'll just ramble a little bit to pass the time:

What are my thoughts on this mid-week day?  Well, honestly, these last few days have been very stressful.  Work is just work.  There is nothing that spices up the day, and I'm starting to find myself turning into a cyclical bore.  I've been noticing that the enthusiasm is draining out of my spirit.  I'm no longer that super excited individual in the evenings...I just kinda exist.  AND I HATE THAT!!!!  I don't know what needs to change...but something does!!! So my thoughts today are to really focus on the positive.  To strive to find me again.  I know its still inside...its just ACHING to come out!!!!

If I could go anywhere right now....where would I go?  The beach.  Hands down.  There is just something about the beach that calms me.  It's not like the drive of a big city...you can just relax and do whatever the heck you want :)  But I definitely think it would be something on the Atlantic coast....I'm kinda in the mood for something different like that...but still the beach.

At this moment right now, plan the perfect day:  Okay....the perfect day right now....well, lets say it was tomorrow...I would want to sleep until I woke up, which would probably be around 8:30.  I'd like to go to the gym and work out for about 1hr30min and SHOWER---of course.  Then, I'd love to go to brunch with Griffin and just laugh and talk.  I'd love to walk with him around a town or mall or something...and just dream about our future home and life together.  Then, I'd love to lay out and just listen to some easy listening music, maybe even read this book I'm trying to finish.  I'd like to shower again and get all dressed up (not necessarily dressy...just heels and a fun outfit) and go out to either BR for Tsunami or to NOLA for a good time with Griff and friends.  Then I'd like to close the evening with watching the stars with Griffin...saying good night...and journaling all about it :)

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