29 January 2010


Okay,  So I'm back to P90X.  Yes, and I AM FEELING IT today! I had this great idea at the beginning of the week that I should probably put a little more "umph" in my workout.  I've been basically doing the same 2-3 week cycle changing everything up on that timeline...for about 2 1/2 years now.  Sooooo, yesterday....instead of going to the gym....i psyched myself up about P90X.  Yes, the first time I heard the "overly chipper" voice coming out of the TV....I knew that I was about to sell my body to the pain and agony of that they call P90X. 

And, even though I wanted to give up...after every rep, basically....I pressed on, dear friends...I pressed on.  Of course, I felt really good when I walked up to my room.  I looked at myself a little bit better...until I felt like an utter "squash" (squash- idiotic, mindless, clueless fool usually found in an embarrassing situation without realizing how embarassing it actually is...aka: squash i.e. awkward vegetable).  So there.  I am attempting a new strategy...not just because bathing suit season is quickly approaching.  Okay, yes, because bathing suit season is quickly approaching I have realized that it is no longer acceptable to say: I'll worry about that in February....cause it's JANUARY 29TH, PEOPLE!!!!!!

Time to get it together.  So let the pain begin. 

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