21 January 2010

it's hit me

It's really hit me, and I've finally admitted to it.  I'm burdened by what has happened in Haiti. 

Typically, I deal with things by...not really dealing with them at first.  I require a sort of "marination" over everything first before I actually admit to myself that I'm affected in some way, shape, or form.  So, yeah.  I'm burdened by it all.  I'm admitting that I'm committing to praying for that country.  I don't know how exactly to direct my prayers...but the Lord never required us to KNOW that.  He said that He sent the Spirit to intervene on our behalf for these sorts of things....so, here goes...

1 comment:

  1. it's kind of counter-intuitive, but our most powerful posture is when we are on our knees. thanks for that reminder.