15 January 2010


I read probably one of the most beautiful pieces that my mind has ever comprehended this morning....It was an excerpt from "EPIC" by John Eldrege.  Gosh...it was so inspiring.  It asked for the reader to stop for a moment and to consider what the Garden of Eden actual was like.  I mean, yeah, I've pictured the most luscious vegetation teeming with life and saturated by the many crisp streams and waterfalls known to man.  I picture basically the things that the kindergarted sunday school story board laid out.  But the funny thing, is that I never considered the distinguished elk, the snow, the caterpillars, crickets, the mice....all the precious things that our Heavenly Father has created and designed for our enjoyment...that most of the times get over-looked.  Yeah...I sat for a moment and realized that in its most serene form....the Garden of Eden didn't "make sense" in the human brain.  It's hard for us to comprehend all these magnificent and fascinating things that the Lord specifically placed in one spot...the Garden...for enjoyment and  pleasure.  I think of how truly romantic this life is.  From the very first chirp of morning....to the last howl of the night.  Everything designed and created has enabled this endearing romance to be...to exist.

Life is romantic.  Depending on how you would "define" romance... but anyway...that's my schpeeeellll...

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