02 February 2010

beware of the shadow

Yeah....so it's groundhog day.  Apparently the groundhog has seen his shadow and we will be experiencing 6 more weeks of winter.  To that I say: "Define W.I.N.T.E.R."

Yes, the idea of "winter" here in La is COMPLETELY different to those precious idealistic cartoons drawn on in a 2nd grade classroom....its more than likely, muggy, rainy, cloudy, nasty weather.  It's cool though. I tolerate it (even though I did not choose to live here).

Here's the clencher: I heard on the radio this morning (yes, I do enjoy talk-radio in the early hours of the morning) that apparently the groundhog in Ohio and the "National" Groundhog have completely different views on what their predictions are going to be.  You just can't trust those things....  haha, naturally I had all my trust in the groudhog. I thought that was pretty funny.

Second: Tonight is the season premier of LOST!  I just dont think you quite understand how HURAGE!!!!! this is!!! Like this is going to be the EPOC to my spring!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

It also makes me sad sometimes though....

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