26 January 2010

self esteem kick...

So I had jury duty yesterday.  Yes, I am a registered voter and am now able to be selected for "jury duty".  Lovely.  Okay, I'll admit...I was kinda excited/really excited about going....the whole "political/law" side of the world I have no interaction with what-so-ever.  I mean...It's always been medicine in my family.  Anyway...I got to the court house at 8:50ish and didn't leave until 4pm.  All to just sit around, get psyched into being selected...all to just sit around again...to just get a piece of paper saying I have to come back on Wednesday.  Yeah.

MEANWHILE....So I'm walking up the stairs to the courthouse.  Picture a massive expansion of blatant oblivion in the monstrosity of what they call "front stairs".  Then place me, yes me, walking up the stairs in gold heels to compliment my black ensemble...all for the SAINTS of course....and in a split second, I am no longer walking up the stairs.  No, I have completely busted it on front steps of the courthouse.  Yes, I am flat on my face.  A very nice gentleman decides it's probably best if I hold his hand the rest of the way up. HAHAAHAHA.  I blame it on my "bad knees" (what? I really do have bad knees...now at least) :)

Okay, So I'm going through security (after having completely embarassed myself) and I set off the alarm....I get summoned to do the whole "hands out and let me frisk you" deal...all to realize that the buttons on my pants are unhooked.  This means that there is a flap of pant fabric, near the zipper, that is just hanging out....EMBARASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah...talk about a check of pride.

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