07 July 2010


So my extended weekend has finally come to a close :(And let me tell you, I have enjoyed (throroughly) every single minute of it!!!  It started out on Friday after work....Griff and I headed to Kosciusko for a relaxing evening with his folks (my future in-folks) before the crazy weekend began.  Saturday we woke up REALLY REALLY early to head up north.  When I tell you we were in the car for FOREVER...I am NOT kidding.  I honestly did not think that we would EVER get there.  I tried really hard to be enthusiastic and entertaining while Griffin was driving so early in the morning----but I ended up waking up 30 minutes later asking: "how much longer" :)  I'm sure he appreciated that...haha.  Well, all I can say is: it was worth it.  Every single thing about the lake, the boat, the people...was simply wonderful.  I enjoyed every moment of my holiday weekend at the lake!!!
But let me tell you----from the second we got there, we never stopped laughing.  If you can picture a 6'3" man trying to sleep in a 4x6 bed frame....yes, I'm exaggerating...but not really.  It was hysterical! I fell off the boat.  Yes, FELL.OFF.THE.BOAT.  Griff thought that I was "dead", so he jumped in after me.  I was laughing so hard I didn't get any water in my mouth :)  I think I fell in the boat about...hmmmm.....8 times.  I totally have the bruises to prove it.  Griff and I had to sleep in a different location every night but it was pretty funny.  We met so many wonderful people---I'm anxiously awaiting Independence Day 2011---I never thougth age 60+ could be so much fun.  Seriously.  I loved it :)
Then we made the trek back and cleaned the house...in preparation for all of my treasures!!! haha.

The weekend was capped off with a viewing of Eclipse.  I must say---disappointed.  The books are MUCH better :)

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