14 July 2010


I just love it when you get the opportunity to re-realize what's important in your life....Well, tomorrow is my mom's birthday!!!! And, as you may/maynot know, birthdays are a REALLY BIG deal in my family.  I didn't know if I was going to be able to come for the entire weekend celebration, but in the end....it all worked out and I genuinely give all the credit to the Lord!!!

This particular season of life is difficult on a close-knit family....that's about to experience a bit of separation.  4 months until I'm a married woman, and to my family...things will change.  I won't be a "yell" away...they will actually have to call (likewise the same for me in return).  So, for me to have the opportunity to take two days off of work (when I really don't have any more days left) and be able to spend it with my family....AHHHHH I'm so excited!!! And the best part: Griff is coming up too :)

But I think it took this for me to realize that family comes first!

No matter what....I'll always have my family :)

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  1. Maddie! I just found your blog (randomly) and definitely stalked you :) enjoyed reading about your life, and i am very excited for you and your upcoming marriage!!