21 July 2010

new thinking

I've been really attempting this new thought proscess....It's on the lines of "changing my attitude towards my job, thus rendering my day more productive and positive" :)  And, well, it's actually worked pretty well these last few days (I really just started it Monday morning).  In truth, I don't hate my job.  I really don't.  It's just not an avenue that I feel super challenged in. BUT---I do enjoy certain aspects of it :) 

For instance, it's really quite laid back (which is really fortunate and nice).  I'm also learning a lot about a subject I really was not schooled in (nor really thought was that important).  But, I do love a cause and I'm really feeling like I'm helping people in different ways.  It's really been good for me to be optimistic towards life.  I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my day-to-day.  But I've also noticed that I really haven't felt the need to complain about mindless things that no one really cares about!!! So, even though it is only 3 days in....I'm thinking things are looking on the up and up.

Next---My head is just constantly killing me.  I'm really not sure what is going on...but I've got this consistent drone in the innermost region of my skull.  It's not everyday, but it is VERY apparent when it does decide to visit :)

Finally---It's papa's bday today!!! So I'm really excited about the bday plans for tonight!!! I just really really love and appreciate my family. There honestly is NOT a word that fully describes the love I have for them.  Bc I didn't choose my family, but am SO blessed to be a part of it :)

Happy Birthday Pops!!!

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