19 July 2010

yes, i own crocs

So, I've recently re-discovered my love for crocs....yes, CROCS...as in, the rubbery-gardening-nurse-old woman-comfy shoey thing....Well, I must confess that this is actually my second pair of the things.  I remember it like it was yesterday when my mom bought be some BRIGHT PINK "original design" that were too big, but still SO COMFORTABLE!!! (I actually still have them--haha) but I genuinely loved them.  Now, let me let you know what I was wearing whenever I would wear them:  Rainy days in college.  Me, gauchos, fitted-T, bright pink crocs, red/black raincoat.  I really was a fashion icon on those particular days.  And, yes, I did say gauchos.  Remember when those pants/capris/skirts were like "the thing"??? I was seriously obsessed with them and still to this day have my same pair---original style, of course :)

Any way, this weekend while at the beach (shout out to the fam for being so spontaneous and fun!!!), we stopped at Foley in order to just "make a few purchases".  As we were leaving the polo store, my dad said that he wanted to go and check out the Crocs.  Well, that turned into Griffin and I going in and succumbing to the fact that crocs are very comfortable and thus, we needed a pair.  So....of course I didn't want the generic type.  No, that simply would not do.  I had to find the bright red mary-janes with the rhinestone on the side....hahaha.  Yes, my friends...when I do crocs...I do crocs....

And of course I am wearing them today with my stylish black scrubs :)  Comfy comfy comfy.  I seriously do think that everyone should invest in the $29.99 purchase.  I mean, you don't have to get the ugly clogs.  You can actually find a cute pair of ballet flats, wedges (yes, I know), or mary-janes (like me).  Seriously....its a great investment!!!

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