26 July 2010

money money money...yuck

What NOT to do on a Monday morning.....look up your bank account!!!!! Yeah, I just HATE whenever I think that I have a certain amount in the bank; only to realize that is TOTALLY not the case!  So right now, I am on a "no spend spree".  Hopefully this will last awhile. :)

But when I really think about it, I don't spend money on stupid things.  Most, if not all, goes to food and gas.  (ugh, the pains of a responsible adult).  I just hate the stress of money!!! (I'm pretty sure no one is a big fan, but I particularly DONT like it--which, I'm sure is a very irresponsible thing to say) Well, I said it.

What is really going to be hard is this fall.  There are a multitude of purchases I will be needing to make...the wedding is coming up, christmas, birthdays....fall clothes....(okay, probably can omit "fall clothes" [insert sad face]) But really, the fall is always a busy season for the bank account.  Hopefully, I can show some restraint :)

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